We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!

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9 days ago

HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? On today's adventure, Nathan and I are off to the city of Palm Springs to stay at the new TACO BELL HOTEL!! 🌮 Come on our crazy journey of staying on opening night of THE BELL! We try secret food items that are exclusive to the hotel and meet the iconic chef who invented the Nacho Fries!
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Laura Sophia
Laura Sophia 23 minutes ago
I love nate
Flossie Noel
Flossie Noel 28 minutes ago
When Nate bites his lip in the beginning!
Ms Tri Nrthovr
Ms Tri Nrthovr 34 minutes ago
Thank you, love you
Lord Princess
Lord Princess 36 minutes ago
His assistant kinda thick. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was fucking Nate behind Jeffries back 🤫
trolls story greek
trolls story greek 46 minutes ago
surely they did something when the camera is of
Zełlmøre Cørcra
Zełlmøre Cørcra 51 minute ago
Wow, Jeffree didn’t even ask if Shane wanted to come along? 😂
Jaclyn G
Jaclyn G 55 minutes ago
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdailypro Step 3. Enjoy! We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel! Let time be the judge. Time is just, but only in the long term-not in the short term. The time we won’t live to see, which will be free of our prejudices. It's good to let God pick a man for you. We don't do so well when we pick them ourselves. They end up lipsticks in a drawer, all those wrong colors you thought looked so good in the package. What is your friend: the things you know, or the things you don't know. First of all, there's a lot more things you don't know. And second, the things you don't know is the birthplace of all your new knowledge! So if you make the things you don't know your friend, rather than the things you know, well then you're always on a quest in a sense.
alia landon
alia landon Hour ago
I am having Jeffree withdrawls. I need a new video!!
Gamer girl 2.0
Gamer girl 2.0 Hour ago
Jamie Latham
Jamie Latham Hour ago
I love how he drives everywhere love them
itssalyssa Hour ago
jeffree is so sweet and genuine i canttt 😫💘
Paris France
Paris France Hour ago
OMG PLZZZ REVIEW FLORENCE by Millie Bobby Brown!!!!😆
Giselle Hernandez
Giselle Hernandez Hour ago
19:21 love how Nate just backed up 💙
Madeline Nelson
Madeline Nelson Hour ago
41 degrees celsius
Asian Girl
Asian Girl Hour ago
Please eat some mochi and mochi icecream... also, please try some local Hawaii snacks!! Be funny to see if you're able to down it. You're amazing Jeffree Star!!
sophias life
sophias life Hour ago
lokyi biesmeijer
lokyi biesmeijer Hour ago
Omg I want food nowwwww
santiago quesada
santiago quesada Hour ago
chantelle parker
chantelle parker Hour ago
The amount of love jeffree shows Nathan is bloody adorable !!
Yakeen :3
Yakeen :3 2 hours ago
please make a review on Florence by mills!!!!
L 69
L 69 2 hours ago
omg i do synchronized swimming like that too
Iyaly Aldapa
Iyaly Aldapa 2 hours ago
San Bernardino ♥️ 909
Rachel K
Rachel K 2 hours ago
Jeffrey is like a kid on Christmas Morning
x aut lil van x
x aut lil van x 2 hours ago
Omg one day you should go again but try to take Shane with you I’m sure he would appreciate it 😂😂😂
Louise Beato
Louise Beato 2 hours ago
"plastic straws? We dont know her." jeffree star 2019.
uwu uwu
uwu uwu 2 hours ago
why nathan look so high and wanna fuck look on all the time jshshsh
Mari Carrillo
Mari Carrillo 2 hours ago
$Mcar0919 can you help a girl out to pay school dues 😭😭
Motto Motto likes you
Motto Motto likes you 2 hours ago
Anyone else love how amazing of a couple they are. I want that! I love you both so much!!!!
Vickie Mitchell
Vickie Mitchell 2 hours ago
Dose anyone feel Nathan stays with Jeffrey only because he feels he owes him so much ??
Sara Choi
Sara Choi 2 hours ago
Such a nice video! Can you review some 7W products?
Yadieliz my favorite o Moreno
Yadieliz my favorite o Moreno 2 hours ago
I'm not a hater but if u wanna be a girl dont take your shirt off like it's ok whatever u wanna do
selectra 3 hours ago
that's not gonna last long
cortyne woolard
cortyne woolard 3 hours ago
Omg so cute 😮
Tater 3 hours ago
Ok the cheese fries are they supposed to be crunchy? Mines always soggy but I heard someone say they’re normally crunchy........ help are mine always just bad or are they supposed to be that way?
Cynthia Medina
Cynthia Medina 3 hours ago
Hi jefreestar I subscribed hit the bell so I won't miss a video of yours also your makeup is fucking amazing :)also love your vids
Naya Samman
Naya Samman 3 hours ago
Nate’s face in the beginning had me dead😂😂 love you guys!
Abbie Johnson
Abbie Johnson 3 hours ago
Just a little makeup *pulls out duffle bag of makeup
Jannica Padilla
Jannica Padilla 3 hours ago
Ang gwapo ni nate, taena. 😍
Amy Hansen
Amy Hansen 3 hours ago
Please make a video of the makeup forever powder foundation!
Laura Eaton
Laura Eaton 3 hours ago
Wish I could put makeup on like that no matter what I do I still can't get it right but you look fabulous
April Ruiz
April Ruiz 3 hours ago
I love yall's connection!🥰
Kiya Heaton
Kiya Heaton 3 hours ago
Nate looked like Nickelodeon 👩🏿‍🦰
Elizabeth Tovar
Elizabeth Tovar 3 hours ago
As I’m eating taco bell I see this on my USwomen and I’m like Oop I’m watching this and I love tacos more now 😂😂😂💞🌮
Tyler Winningham
Tyler Winningham 3 hours ago
Wtf is that thing? Frrreaaaak.
Michelle Super awesome
Michelle Super awesome 3 hours ago
Why did I just get all giddy watching this omg I love me some taco bell
Reptar Vomit
Reptar Vomit 4 hours ago
Whatever happened to the taco bell Chihuahua guys?!!
Dominique Anaka
Dominique Anaka 4 hours ago
I need new content!!!!
caraudioman16 4 hours ago
I’m so confused by this guy
Simply Jada
Simply Jada 4 hours ago
I remember when Jeffrey came out to wanting to look a Lil like a alien ❤️
Tina Bickford
Tina Bickford 4 hours ago
I love you Jeffree!!! Like my comment and you will make my whole damn life 🤩
annatheloser duhh
annatheloser duhh 4 hours ago
meanwhile in Texas.... it's 110 degrees F on AVERAGE ( in August of course )
Tina Bickford
Tina Bickford 4 hours ago
Nathan is so freaking gorgeous 😍
Epically Weird
Epically Weird 4 hours ago
Canada C would be 41C for the 107 f...I'd literally die from that heat
Sophia Spaghetti
Sophia Spaghetti 4 hours ago
Jeffree: Just a little bit of makeup Also Jeffree: wears more makeup than I do in a week 😵😵
Nani Natasha
Nani Natasha 4 hours ago
Jeffereeee I fucking loveeeee your vibes I need you in my life frfr !!!!!!!
Abriana M.
Abriana M. 4 hours ago
Shane where are you??
Bernice Aguirre
Bernice Aguirre 5 hours ago
Today in Phoenix it was 114 degrees
Jhonna Ibana
Jhonna Ibana 5 hours ago
I love how excited she isss shes sooo cuteeeee 😭💗💗💗
Abigail Lavender
Abigail Lavender 5 hours ago
i saw this on lauren godwin's tik tok lmao
Abigail Lavender
Abigail Lavender 5 hours ago
peep 19:06
Marcos Bayas
Marcos Bayas 5 hours ago
I feel like eating Taco Bell now lol
Kristina Patrick
Kristina Patrick 5 hours ago
Please review @ilmakiage foundation
Nancy padilla
Nancy padilla 5 hours ago
Jeffrey star: 107 degrees Arizona: hold my drink 112 degrees
Danielle Vahey
Danielle Vahey 5 hours ago
Anyone else tear up when the inventor of the nacho fries showed up?
Jackie's beauty fixation
Jackie's beauty fixation 5 hours ago
I went to winton on the greyhound and driving by all those windmills at night was the creepiest thing I have ever seen in my life. This Missouri girl couldn't handle it.
Kimberly Kelly
Kimberly Kelly 5 hours ago
Taco Bell is THE BEST!
Laylani Oropeza
Laylani Oropeza 5 hours ago
I could not watch it all I got hungry 😂
Cevli Cevik
Cevli Cevik 5 hours ago
* nate backs away from from swimming lady * Nate: ima back away so it dont look like immmm cheatin' .....
Sam Schuler
Sam Schuler 5 hours ago
And the ba ha YAAASSSS ur liven’ the dream
Sam Schuler
Sam Schuler 5 hours ago
Yes cheese quesadilla plain, YASSS
Ayana Lawson
Ayana Lawson 5 hours ago
nate lookin like a walking nickelodeon advert 😭
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