The Universal S

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10 days ago

People from all over the world have been drawing this S-shaped symbol for decades yet no one seem to know anything about it. In this video I explore some of the popular origin theories and showcase my own findings after five years of on and off searching.


Jazz Spastiks - Bananas Instrumental
Fabien Tell - Never Before
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Jon Björk - Divisive Alliance
Charles Holme - Informal Parameters
Fabien Tell - The Farmer

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stussyletter ss symbols thing

PoisonVessel *
PoisonVessel * 6 minutes ago
Ah yes... I havent do this yet.... Sike
Brian Hurry
Brian Hurry 7 minutes ago
Never heard of it, never seen it
Nate Sako
Nate Sako 9 minutes ago
So I was born in 1994, And I remember learning how to draw this around second or third grade. Very interesting topic to figure out the origin.
CrazyInsaneWeirdThing 12 minutes ago
I just call it a graffiti S, I remember drawing it as a chain and then noticing I could draw an S.
Jose Lara
Jose Lara 15 minutes ago
Not trolling but I really believe that we are all born knowing how to draw this symbol for some reason.
dlpd. 17 minutes ago
Same in Australia.
grev 26 minutes ago
Fine USwomen! I'll fucking watch this video.
Thomas Chow
Thomas Chow 30 minutes ago
The map scene felt like I was either playing HOI 4 or Plague Inc
wKn 31 minute ago
S in the chat bois
A G 34 minutes ago
It is possible to get the Suzuki logo following the same principles, just exchange the lines for dots and voila
Trace Pillar
Trace Pillar 35 minutes ago
Where did it come from Where did it go
ISM 37 minutes ago
Fuck u Princeton i created the sacred “S” me and my buddies slammed a 4loko back in grade 1 and made that greasy S and thus dates the origin.
Mitty Chan
Mitty Chan 40 minutes ago
I used to draw that S as a base for a braid hairstyle when I was a kid 🤣
ISM 40 minutes ago
Not stUssy but STOOÖOOOÓSI
Cameron Hay
Cameron Hay 43 minutes ago
This is an amazing video I have all been obsessed with the S
Aivan Carlos Tuquero
Aivan Carlos Tuquero 46 minutes ago
not stussy it's Supreme
Henry4711LP 47 minutes ago
Why didnt you contact the university if they got some Information?
JayKee 48 minutes ago
Australia, Tasmania. My primary school had these written all over students papers. I truly can't even remember who, why or when I started drawing it.
Aivan Carlos Tuquero
Aivan Carlos Tuquero 49 minutes ago
i think everybody draw this in their primary school
devils/advocate 53 minutes ago
I'm so satisfied like I had an orgasm. Thank man. Your great.
Lizardnix 58 minutes ago
This is what happens when a memetic agent escapes the SCP foundation.
Kyu Bey
Kyu Bey Hour ago
montreal early 2000s for me
Salty Hour ago
weird theydraw this symbol too in malaysia in year 90' not expect it all over the world! kinda amazing though
TheMultiMechs Hour ago
real shet
- Jesus
- Jesus Hour ago
*My 1st grade teacher yelled at me for drawing this because* *"it was a gang sign"*
Shawaiz Gamer
Shawaiz Gamer Hour ago
Top ten facts: Fortnite
Ethan Cox
Ethan Cox Hour ago
Everyone did this at school in England. :)
Semi-Automatic Tool Gun
Semi-Automatic Tool Gun Hour ago
Picked my little cousin from his elementary school, can confirm they still do this.
tximista : rissole
tximista : rissole Hour ago
USwomen recommendations strike again! Pretty neat though
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia Hour ago
You made an awesome beautiful video. But why did you bother releasing it if we're right back where we started? I'm just going to say that it's 200 years old and memes aren't what they should be.
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Hour ago
Alright bois. This is the first question to ask the alien from Area 51
S3F Spoderfaun
S3F Spoderfaun Hour ago
We call it "graffiti S"
Iotacox Hour ago
Dexterity Trampoline for the win
Moo 2 hours ago
Ah, the “Smash S”, an ancient relic of times long gone. I remember making an X using the same idea with 4 lines rather than 3, but it never caught on...
Kali Onatah
Kali Onatah 2 hours ago
I was drawing this 'S' in 1995
。ソフィー。 2 hours ago
Your videos are always so beautifully edited and put together so nicely. You can really tell you put a lot of effort into them.
Aiman Nader
Aiman Nader 2 hours ago
What’s the keyboard on the video?
Little Pig Boy
Little Pig Boy 2 hours ago
Earlier today I received a snap of my friends super cool little sister (high school)holding up a painting she made of Pikachu wearing Nike’s & a shirt w the universal sacred,”S.” I once drew these all over my book covers in elementary school surrounded by the frame one can turn them into. What’s odd is that just today someone asked me if I remembered having drawn them on my clothes and book is school. Why does my phone listen to everything? Would Steve Jobs allow this if he were still here? I’m upset. But it’s bittersweet bc this video is cool. Send help, but it’s prob too late. It’s cool to see Basquiat drew them, too. I bet Andy Warhol showed him how. JUST KIDDING. Sheesh.
Skela Tonne
Skela Tonne 2 hours ago
I think it's simply a doodle evolved and shared over time. Simple as that.
Quáiviøuś kwáiviø
Quáiviøuś kwáiviø 2 hours ago
its just braided hair thats simplified
Jackson xninjahax
Jackson xninjahax 2 hours ago
Hold up. Why do all of your patrons at the end of the video look like skyrim characters?
FunkiestTie2 2 hours ago
Very nice
Jacques Mienie
Jacques Mienie 2 hours ago
Not too sure if anyone else had this in their country but here in South Africa when I was in primary school there were stickers of the S symbol that we always put on our pen/pencil case but before then I remember someone drawing it when I was 5 or 6. That was in 1996/1997.
Shuhrat Kessikbayev
Shuhrat Kessikbayev 2 hours ago
Ah yes I remember swimming this symbol when I was but a fish during the early stages of the birth of Earth
IG: ncagefanart
IG: ncagefanart 2 hours ago
Kids are still drawing it
Lucahmaster 2 hours ago
Ah I remember the cool S, I drew that while in Highschool 2073, my senior prank was actually going back in time to 1910 to make it my school’s official logo!
Ronnie Ray
Ronnie Ray 2 hours ago
South side gangs you idiots
Gianncarlo Rendón Garay
Gianncarlo Rendón Garay 2 hours ago
Me acuerdo cuando estaba en cuarto de primaria y me enseñaron a hacer el símbolo según era como de cholos o algo así, soy de México 🇲🇽
Jason Peng
Jason Peng 2 hours ago
Wait, this channel used to be called top ten memes? Damn, talk about change for the better.
Not GiveNoMeows
Not GiveNoMeows 2 hours ago
My friend taught me Cool S
Cookie Monstera
Cookie Monstera 2 hours ago
Phillipp Hutterer
Phillipp Hutterer 2 hours ago
Jep, drawn
MAYU 2 hours ago
the first meme
SkylerTheTrap 3 hours ago
I used to called it the super s
Alex the Lego guy
Alex the Lego guy 3 hours ago
I have a feeling that this mystery isn’t over yet... Fucking great video though! Holy shit was I blown away!
Donovan Keeney
Donovan Keeney 3 hours ago
Y'know this finna give me general Sam vibe
Donovan Keeney
Donovan Keeney 3 hours ago
Love the music
Donovan Keeney
Donovan Keeney 3 hours ago
Had to say it
AmericaWest90 3 hours ago
I drew this all the time back in elementary school back in 2006 and I thought it was a cult symbol the first time I saw someone draw it.
CHV Redstone
CHV Redstone 3 hours ago
English speaking countries like the US England and Australia Canada: Am I a joke to you
lynKx :P
lynKx :P 3 hours ago
Ugh. I hate this S. It's so annoying when people did this when I was younger.
A Name You Can't Remember
A Name You Can't Remember 3 hours ago
Totally off topic, but what's the name of that sweet board of keys he's using?
Leche Quemada
Leche Quemada 3 hours ago
How the heck do you make these graphics for your videos?
austin schween
austin schween 3 hours ago
theory: time-travelling gangters putting their sign everywhere
finger meat
finger meat 3 hours ago
Holy shit. You did it.
austin schween
austin schween 3 hours ago
if you know the universal s, you've been taken in by the government
Chris Leevers
Chris Leevers 3 hours ago
It's a Moebius strip. Nothing more, nothing less If you don't know what that is then google it and you'll start to understand how the S symbol became a school trend where by using a mathematical flow in a drawing (yes it's math) they're able to draw something really cool, even if they can't draw. The Moebius strip was discovered in the mind 1800's so it's likely this particular symbol was drawn after this date purely to illustrate the Moebius principle.
JacobHero 3 hours ago
Yo i thought i was an artist when i did that S perfectly ngl and also Lem this vid was Super
Nathaniel Fava
Nathaniel Fava 3 hours ago
why did this make my day so much better?
Joaco Remis
Joaco Remis 3 hours ago
I drew it, argentina here lol
Nidonemo 3 hours ago
Yep, elementary school in 1990s, saw a girl doodling one on her notebook. Me: What’s that? Her: It’s a “stoosee”. Me: How do you make those? Is it a gang sign? Her: Nah. Here I’ll show ya, first you...
NotOnLand 3 hours ago
I remember carving this into the apple tree before Eve ate some and we got kicked out of Eden
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