Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

9 days ago

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 9 days ago
Big thanks to Chris Chann obviously for helping me all those times and thank you to everyone else who believed in me and made this video possible. Shit like this makes me very happy so I’m glad I’m able to do it ❤️ also thanks for sponsoring the video
Avery Farley
Avery Farley 5 hours ago
Wheres the new viddd
justin samson
justin samson Day ago
luv u Gary
Im a cool guy well I think
Im a cool guy well I think 3 days ago
Danny Duncan yo Danny I bought a bunch of ur merch aka virginity rocks at zumies hope ur happy
NOT YOU 3 days ago
@ConConツ That's incredibly cool, actually. Enjoy it. I actually enjoyed a 4 year celibacy stint until I got married. I miss the celibacy.
ConConツ 3 days ago
Virginity rocks
Aisha C
Aisha C 38 minutes ago
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla! I want so much to be a part of her world. I want to know what it's like to be in her mind, to feel what she feels. It seems a tremendous weight to carry. And now she's out there, somewhere, unleashed on society. What a beautiful disaster.” The person who is the star of previous era is often the last one to adapt to change, the last one to yield to logic of a strategic inflection point and tends to fall harder than most.
Jayden T
Jayden T 56 minutes ago
David dobrik one upped you
Elanic _
Elanic _ Hour ago
This was amazing
inside_nicks_mind Hour ago
Omg once Danny started to cry that hit me like damn they’re both amazing people
Joe Guizar
Joe Guizar Hour ago
Damm , this shit hit me 😤 Remember that some people just need that 1 person to Believe in you and that’s enough to make you into a Legend
Guillermo Vazquez
Guillermo Vazquez 3 hours ago
“Appreciate the struggle because it’s not gonna last forever” - Chris chann
Bean Jack
Bean Jack 3 hours ago
Timothy Gullstrand
Timothy Gullstrand 3 hours ago
I cried.
Kyle Hamblin
Kyle Hamblin 3 hours ago
Petition for Danny to fight ksi? I I I I V
Adrian Esquivel
Adrian Esquivel 4 hours ago
If watched this about 20 times and it still hits hard when he starts crying. Like danny knew he was going to go big once he got that car from the man who legit changed his future by believing in him
Jet Jaguar
Jet Jaguar 4 hours ago
Danny where you been brother so desperate for the next video to come out
ImJasonForever 4 hours ago
Outro song: Goldenboy by Kaptan
Landyn Wheeler
Landyn Wheeler 6 hours ago
Chris may not change the world but for chris the world will change
Hunter DiMaria
Hunter DiMaria 7 hours ago
Is Danny dead?
Cameron Edwards
Cameron Edwards 8 hours ago
Hey danny link up with Deestroying (Donald Delahaye) for a 1v1 in football!
Eduardo Monroy
Eduardo Monroy 8 hours ago
Is he quitting?
norfsideknotty 8 hours ago
hard to take danny serious
audrey Whitney
audrey Whitney 8 hours ago
MY HEART 😭🥺🥺🖤💜💜
Love Holroyd
Love Holroyd 9 hours ago
To have someone that believes in you and someone who helped you come this far is so great ☺️the bond you guys gave and how far back you guys go is truly amazing ❤️and I thank the both of you for bringing a smile to my face 😚
Pablo Alien
Pablo Alien 10 hours ago
I've been watching for a long time now and I never knew you been through so much because you make all negative energy positive energy. If I knew this sooner I would of probably done better things in life and after this video I've decided to make peoples life better thanks and you keep doing what your doing, your amazing.
Josh Media
Josh Media 10 hours ago
One of my favourite vids on ytube
Hayden Hollywood Hollingsworth
Hayden Hollywood Hollingsworth 10 hours ago
Glitchy Gameplay
Glitchy Gameplay 10 hours ago
Dude this vid is awsome. It would be cool if he did a skate sesh vid
HockeyStock 10 hours ago
yo Danny if you rmember the vin number of that car ic ould find it for u
Tanner Beyers
Tanner Beyers 14 hours ago
I love you vids and would love for anyone who sees this comment to help me with getting my own channel started so I can do fun stuff like u. it would mean a lot the channel is Uffe Express, thank you
dopeboii shawnn
dopeboii shawnn 15 hours ago
Marco G
Marco G 16 hours ago
What happened with all the tire marks
maung pants
maung pants 16 hours ago
daddy duncan. we need your daily vlogs please. you're a nice person!
Hugh 16 hours ago
Please buy the supreme dirt bike when it comes out it will be jokes
Marsel Nuraliev
Marsel Nuraliev 17 hours ago
coollad_nad 18 hours ago
I swear to god when Danny Duncan started crying, I cried my fuckin heart out!!! It was absolutely crazy to see Danny cry!!!!
Lauren McCloskey
Lauren McCloskey 18 hours ago
When are we getting women’s shorts tho
HixStix 19 hours ago
Let it all out Duncan, let it all out
paco sanz
paco sanz 19 hours ago
Exoticc Lolss .
Exoticc Lolss . 21 hour ago
this shit made me cry ngl 😹😹
Vquoahツ Day ago
Give my fooken flyer
Victor Apindola
Victor Apindola Day ago
I can never figure out what do with my life when you haven't uploaded
Wheels ♿
Wheels ♿ Day ago
You're a awesome ass dude #dannyduncan
AwesomeGamesYT Day ago
one second dannys crying next second immediatly cuts to danny falling off a bridge😂
Vincevictory 64
Vincevictory 64 Day ago
Duncan not divan
γαnny ツ 00
γαnny ツ 00 Day ago
Wasn’t Chris from giving back a pen to my 5th grade Friend
Remember when cris Chan gave his friend a pencil back 15 years later
Louis Williams
Louis Williams Day ago
danny is the fucking goat idc what you say
Basic boi Clout lord
Basic boi Clout lord Day ago
It makes me so happy to see positive content in the abyss of shit fuck content. Also 100% getting a backpack
Lion Xc
Lion Xc Day ago
When's the next video danny
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Day ago
Ceeday v.2
10,000 subs without vids
10,000 subs without vids Day ago
Thats the definition of friendship
Dylan MacNay
Dylan MacNay Day ago
Love you Danny ❤️saw the legend cry today
justin samson
justin samson Day ago
went from shit ta owning his own business and rich like dannmm he rlly an inspiration
diego cominges
diego cominges Day ago
Imagine giving this video a thumbs down 🤡
Ecoboost Deesnuts
Ecoboost Deesnuts Day ago
Fight jake Paul
Chance Moore
Chance Moore Day ago
He just walks up to a drug dealer and says you got wed Drug Dealer:you mean weed Danny: no its not that
ItzNickk Day ago
Danny duncan: doesn’t make video of buying himself a good car posts himself buying his best friend a car. the ultimate god only promoting good vibes
HG Gelato Zz
HG Gelato Zz Day ago
Danny a real dude
uriah donovan 2006
uriah donovan 2006 Day ago
3:14 of all people I would never imagine Danny to cry it really breaks my heart but makes me happy for him
Isaac Roblero
Isaac Roblero Day ago
I hate when you tubers get famous and just quit doing videos but before when they weren’t famous they filmed every day such as ding ding ding Danny duncan
Mr. Galaxy
Mr. Galaxy Day ago
Imagine disliking this video. Danny is literally one of the most wholesome people on this planet
pissgoddess !
pissgoddess ! Day ago
Does anyone know the song @ the end?
SkullApex12 Day ago
Danny Duncan’s a true hero !!! You go man!!!!
Issy Granado
Issy Granado Day ago
dont post to 3 mill beacuase its about ti be 300 vids 3 mil subs imagine
Christopher Linares
Christopher Linares Day ago
Did you ever find out what happened to Donald FREE DONALD
Victorials Day ago
Live for these outros 🤣👍
Victorials 2 hours ago
Goldenboy by Kaptan 🎶
ImJasonForever 4 hours ago
Victorials what’s the song?
Harvey De Sagun
Harvey De Sagun Day ago
Imagine 10 years later when they have their own families and their kids become friends and have a bond as strong as Danny and Chris
Alex Fehlhaber
Alex Fehlhaber Day ago
hey danny my names alex and i live in omaha nebraska. i go to high school and bennington high school and i chose to wear your beautiful “virginity rocks” long sleeve shirt to school. i got to school this morning and before i even got to 1st period they told me to take it off. so i’m still wearing it in second period you should give them a ring and tell them how im helping spread a positive message about being a virgin
Mihai Osman
Mihai Osman Day ago
Logan Donald
Logan Donald Day ago
Straight up Danny your vids are the dankest shit ever
Dane Aird
Dane Aird Day ago
Danny you should come on a trip to Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 like if so he says 🙏🏽🙏🏽
JJ Johnson
JJ Johnson 2 days ago
He has a maxed Runescape account if this is the first thing that comes to his mind. 6:50
Hidden eye
Hidden eye 2 days ago
What ever happened to free Donald???
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