Rich and Jay Talk About The Boys

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9 days ago

Rich and Jay sit down to give their general thoughts on the Amazon series The Boys, a superhero story for people that are sick of superheroes.

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Witherlych Batraghor
Witherlych Batraghor 5 hours ago
Garth Anus.
quexalcoatl somnium
quexalcoatl somnium 7 hours ago
That's totally Rich's basement apartment.
Tumbles 8 hours ago
Man I don't know if you guys read but you gotta check out Worm, it's available to read free online
Catseman 9 hours ago
The PReacher show is kind of better than the comic tbh
earlallison 10 hours ago
Meh. Some of the books were semi-interesting, but it's Ennis' usual "I hate superheroes and the stranglehold they have on comics" with a heaping helping of "Hard men making hard choices." The books went on too long, guess we'll see how the show goes.
Keepper 10 hours ago
Talk about Cobra Kai you hack frauds!
Strike 10 hours ago
It is amazing that superhero Rich Evans managed to take some time out of his schedule to converse with the mortals about a superhero show
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 11 hours ago
Really, that's when you decide to put the spoilers warning in?!?
PCGamer688 17 hours ago
Ya'll should watch Preacher. Its fucking phenomenal
Game Warrior
Game Warrior 20 hours ago
Preacher is a good show
Chris Storrer
Chris Storrer 21 hour ago
I feel like Watchmen covered all this territory already.
Ryan McWhinnie
Ryan McWhinnie 13 hours ago
Except The Boys is actually good
Forkez 22 hours ago
Preacher was pretty good. Though I didn't read the original comic.
Tom Birmingham
Tom Birmingham Day ago
i recommend Preacher to everyone and I think the readdaption is great. It's like a 10 inch dick, you gotta see it to believe it.
Anthony Lawson
Anthony Lawson Day ago
You are so wrong Rich. Preacher goes there...I can't believe the things they actually keep from the comic. It is not a direct translation...but it 100% keeps the essence of the comic.
infant jones
infant jones Hour ago
fighting over the genesis capsule that was previously up the ass of the man who's exploded body is currently being mud wrestled in was definitely Going The Lengths
Levi Johnson
Levi Johnson Hour ago
Can confirm. The first season is a slow build-up and a bit tame, also set before the series until the finale, but once season 2 starts they’re nearly adapting the comics 1:1. The lack of discourse around the show works completely in its favour; if they can get away with a Jesus sex scene they can get away with anything
Matthew Blom
Matthew Blom Day ago
Homelander is the best superhero (villain) since The Comedian. Antony Starr needs an Emmy. He is one of the best psychopaths on film.
Steve Walker
Steve Walker Day ago
How about the anti-religious speech in episode 5? And Amazon turning off comments because their blatant bigotry via heavy-handed exposition was earning them 1 star reviews? The characters might as well turn to the camera and say "We interrupt this show to bring you opinions from the writers, on how much they hate religion." Telling people how much you hate religious groups is so woke. So progressive.
Teras_Kasi 19 hours ago
You sure it's Garth Ennis and not just the writers?
Carl Manvers
Carl Manvers Day ago
Might have been nicer if they'd closer to the source material. But ok. It was a bit too current year.
A Diversion
A Diversion Day ago
Just wanted to let you guys know that I simply love what you're doing. Watching your reviews of films I've watched gives me sometimes better insight into them. Watching reviews of things I haven't watched might either make me wanna watch them or just at least be aware of what that thing is about. I've learned so much from this channel and after years of following you I still look forward to every new video!
durban73 37nabrud
durban73 37nabrud Day ago
I watch Preacher and I mostly love it. The first season is too slow but the rest is great. I recommend it all the time and no one takes me up on it.
TechMetalRules Day ago
Second season was greenlit before the first even aired.
Silverbreaker Day ago
dark noir is a clone of homelander who rescued butcher - later he will kill homelander and than butcher will kill dark noir with the drug, before dark noir will kill the president. butcher will than kill the whole boys-crew and andy will kill butcher in the end, before butcher can detonate his anti-hero-virus. read the comic
Rowan Atkinson
Rowan Atkinson Day ago
Having tried the comic run and bouncing off hard (seriously this series is downright wholesome in comparison) I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised by this show.
Rowan Atkinson
Rowan Atkinson Day ago
"The whole show goes so much darker than I expected!" Yeah don't read the comic run. It's downright gratuitous.
T.J.Ball. Day ago
Preacher the show is great. Seriously
sweetamishbutter7 Day ago
I don't really think it ended on a cliffhanger. They answer enough questions to be satisfying. You find out what happened to Butchers wife and it wraps up the thread with Starlight and Hugh's drama. It leaves enough to go on next season with the Deep and Supervillians. I don't really see why anyone would be disappointed with this ending. Had it ended when he pulled the C4 trigger then I'd say it was a cliffhanger.
Giovanni Ahrcherii
Giovanni Ahrcherii Day ago
Not to be "that guy" but isn't the point of the comicbook villains who have a powerset that mirrors the main protagonist to show what happens when those abilities are in the hands of the corrupt & the incompetant? It stuns me Reverse Flash has never vaporized anyone like A-Train did. It's usually just a lot of bloodless but still unsettling methods.
A Syme
A Syme Day ago
Zack Snyder obviously wanted to do Miracleman - but tried to apply that character to superman. And it was... weird.
Justin Day ago
15:15 Did Jay just describe an 8 hour season of Television as like "a short movie"??
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 11 minutes ago
He meant each episode goofy
Springfield IL Uketopians
Springfield IL Uketopians Day ago
"The Boys" is like "The Tick" as interpreted by Bukowski.
Alex Ander
Alex Ander Day ago
You guys in the comments are the real heroes!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Day ago
The show was good but had a number of flaws that dragged it down for me.
Robby Millsap
Robby Millsap Day ago
Jay math: "There are 8 episodes, an hour each, it's like a short movie."
Franco Baggage
Franco Baggage Day ago
Rich and Jay sit down to give their general thoughts on the Amazon series The Boys, a superhero story for people that are sick of superheroes.
Neil Herceg
Neil Herceg Day ago
Okay I'm not sure if I can watch this without mr. Plinkett
Apoptosis Jones
Apoptosis Jones Day ago
They slaughtered other Ennis comics. I don't know if I should care. I read the boys, I think that's enough.
The Nihilist Geek
The Nihilist Geek Day ago
In the comicbook, the plane was the one that was going to hit the twin towers
Chad Adams
Chad Adams 2 days ago
if you're gonna do a comic book adaption do Doom Patrol, much better show than the boys.
Rainbow Factory
Rainbow Factory 2 days ago
I'm fatigued over your superhero fatigue. Comes up every time... blaaaaaarg.
Dasveiner 2 days ago
Black Void Hell
Black Void Hell 2 days ago
15:54 rich saying it's great after Jay just said many of children got murdered is the funniest shit ever lol
Iroga 2 days ago
Is Rich and Jay talks about replacing Rich and Jay?
Sweet Bro
Sweet Bro 2 days ago
I can assure you, Black Noir has much more to do later in.
Horacio A. Baca Amenábar
Horacio A. Baca Amenábar 2 days ago
Bring Mike back, you couple of sidekicks! Not you, Rich. You are great.
Aemon Warrick
Aemon Warrick 2 days ago
I watched it and it was amazing, thanks RLM.
MuphynToy 2 days ago
If you liked this series, you should check out the reckoners book series. Same idea and it's one of my favorite book series by Brandon Sanderson
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris 2 days ago
The comics are 100 times worse as far as being vile. IMO the TV show while I enjoyed was really watered down. You guys really should look at the comic and then compare.
Freedomsaver 2 days ago
Thanks for making this video. Watched 1 minute... then watched Season 1 of The Boys... and then the rest. :) Great recommendation!
Archi Teuthis
Archi Teuthis 3 days ago
I'm still waiting for a live-action adaptation of _Marshall Law_
anthos332 3 days ago
Done with Marvel as well but nah... this show was a waste of time :/ The comics way different I guess so I'll give that a go.
Doğukan Doğkan
Doğukan Doğkan 3 days ago
if you guys are interested in another "fucked up Superman" story, you should definitely check out Irredeemable.
CharlieBrown20XD6 2 days ago
I liked IRREDEEMABLE. but i wish it had stayed an evil Superman story instead of veering off into weird sub plots
Pink Hoodie
Pink Hoodie 3 days ago
Jay looks like Zack Snyder But I’m just here for Rich and his laugh
Null 3 days ago
When the superheros have evil karma
TheGobberShop 3 days ago
Slow show but the lil satire moments make it all worth it
Ben Erban
Ben Erban 3 days ago
1:22 that title is actually a reference to the 1980 book "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole, who tragically committed suicide after consuming far too much superhero content.
Brabo Choke
Brabo Choke 3 days ago
“Several kids die in this show.” “Great!”
borna1231 3 days ago
You guys should reaaaaally watch The Preacher. Especially Jay, I think that show is right up his alley.
MarvelDcImage 3 days ago
SPOILER ALERT..........................................................................The Amazon series is a rarity in that it is an adoption that is actually superior to the source material. The comicbook version of Homelander was not a rapist but rather was framed for rape by his evil clone to drive Homelander crazy and other comicbook like silly twists like that but the Amazon version of events seems much more realistic and scary. I highly recommended and I am someone who has become jaded to movie adoptions of comics.
Chris Prestipino
Chris Prestipino 3 days ago
Wtf are you clowns on about, how the fuck was Superman an evil monster in Snyder’s films? Snyder simply asked the question, what would happen if you picked up a character like Superman out of the comics and put him in our world, the politics, the fear, reverence etc all super valid and interesting questions. Also, as for Superman not being the medium to tell that type of story, have you heard of Injustice, one of the most intriguing and successful iterations of the rogue Superman story? Christ almighty how do you have an audience?
CharlieBrown20XD6 3 days ago
Lol triggered
Chris Prestipino
Chris Prestipino 4 days ago
Zach Snyder didn’t “try” anything, to this day no one but Nolan and Mangold have achieved what he has with MOS and BvS, and even he stands alone in how he did it.
CharlieBrown20XD6 3 days ago
Sure Jan
Joel dahl
Joel dahl 4 days ago
8h=short movie.
CharlieBrown20XD6 3 days ago
Lol welcome to the new world...
TetrisClock 4 days ago
Can we get a re:View of They Live?
Cassius Quinn
Cassius Quinn 4 days ago
Homelamder was an amazing villain and without him the show would have been just meh
Maxisamo1 4 days ago
You guys should have talked about how even the antagonists are somewhat sympathetic. I don't think there's a single character in more than one episode that you can't feel at least a LITTLE bad for.
Maxisamo1 4 days ago
I lost my fucking shit at the Facebook Live scene
Kyle 4 days ago
I was going to pass on this series, mainly because I'm sick to death of SuperHero crap. The Boys was great. Thanks for the review. Rich was right. Just watch it.
Daniel Bray
Daniel Bray 4 days ago
Wt actual f. A 24 minute ad?
Put Your Quarter Up Gaming
Put Your Quarter Up Gaming 4 days ago
Talk about Rem Lezar so we can get Rich to quote the line “Part of the joy that I get from this boy”, and then lick his lips, as if he could help it. Like next video unless you hackfrauds have anything better to do
Myrth1 4 days ago
A good show, but I still regret binging on it. It's like taking a shower with tar instead of water. Maybe it's not so much down-beating in smaller doses
Brigand Boy
Brigand Boy 4 days ago
Starlight isn't a good person. She *CHOSE* to do the dirty deed with the Deep. She's a fucking super powered super heroine, and she *DIDN'T* punch him, blind him, outsmart him, talk to him, smack him, go to authority and report him... in fact, when she finally addresses it, she blames everyone else as if she never had any other choice. It's nonsensical, her choice. But, aside from her entire arc (and its nonsense) the show is quite good. I love the bits with the Best Buy character. They could have made the entire show about just him and the Boys, and I wouldn't have much to complain about. I kinda loved this show, aside from some minor stupidity in the writing.
Charles Jones
Charles Jones 4 days ago
Season 2 is already in production.
Manuel Marin
Manuel Marin 4 days ago
Woah... did Rich Evans lose a ton of weight?
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