Phones Have Gone Too Far...

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Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

9 days ago

SERVO R25 Phone (USA Link) -
SERVO R25 Phone (International) -
The Servo R25 combines a phone, wireless earbuds and powerbank into one enormous gadget.
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servo r25servor25servo r25 phone

Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 9 days ago
What's wrong with Apple? -
Ideklikewhatisgoingon Day ago
Everyone with an Android is mad saying “everything” 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️smh
EMILIAN BUTOI 5 days ago
Buddy god showed me they make laptop with dryer in it. Its for fucking covert mission. Its chinese. I post the video on it about 2 months ago. Am not joking. I showed many prophecies from my dreams/visions, for isntance Kamala Harris will get mad to a guy at her close right, back and forth. 2 days prior to debate. Check it out in my channel. That shows am not lying. Tks for your support! Heal the world
Reality Check
Reality Check 5 days ago
Very simple: it’s overpriced!
Kuli Luli
Kuli Luli 6 days ago
Maybe u Will try xiaomi redmi earbuds i have a pair of them and im very happy with them
benchjet 4 hours ago
WTF! Why too many ads? The actual video does not even started yet! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Anime Channel
Anime Channel 17 hours ago
6000 mah battery wow
ExtVid Official
ExtVid Official 17 hours ago
It was comedy bro
Rafael V
Rafael V 18 hours ago
I actually think this is genius, I’ll want to bring a new old school new school BlackBerry you’re making fun of it because it’s not your average phone of this era.
Jay-r Castillo
Jay-r Castillo 21 hour ago
Mcgyver maybe involved in the R&D on that phone.
Poitras Ja
Poitras Ja 21 hour ago
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Walter Cortazzo
Walter Cortazzo Day ago
Best thing in video, the knife. Where can I pick one up?
January Morris
January Morris Day ago
For 60 bucks that's fantastic, ignore the phone in the camera, buy it for the wireless earbuds and the power bank, and call it a day
The Uber Successful
The Uber Successful Day ago
FCK, they're already sold out. Damn it lew, you put them on the radar and they sold like hot cakes.
Jango Dude
Jango Dude 14 minutes ago
Looks like there are still some on Amazon.
Voicist 2 days ago
Does it come with a TV stand?
Jack INGROUILLE 2 days ago
the amazon page just killed me....the sixth picture says "big horn" ahahhaha
ROMP animations
ROMP animations 2 days ago
Can you charge the phone with the phone?
Nehmo Sergheyev
Nehmo Sergheyev 2 days ago
This guy didn't prepare for the video at all. He just wants you to watch him goof around and make "ooooussz".
John Bradley
John Bradley 20 hours ago
that's his schtick. he basically unboxes it without prior knowledge so thay he can record his genuine real reaction and unscripted. go watch the thousands of people with "research" about this phone
YousefKABOO 2 days ago
Jarvis Jenkins
Jarvis Jenkins 2 days ago
I clapped
ashok kumar
ashok kumar 2 days ago
I think it's great for travelers
Daniel Alali
Daniel Alali 2 days ago
Those phones are usually found in developing countries
The Drunken Paladin
The Drunken Paladin 2 days ago
Honestly I wouldn't hate having this. It's definitely not a daily driver but it's a backup phone with a good torch and wireless ear buds with a power bank on it. I think they could definitely make it atleast a cheap touch screen on Android, maybe bump the price a little, but it's not bad.
Konrad Nowicki
Konrad Nowicki 2 days ago
That is a camping phone. You are going somewhere away, sea side, or for hike and you are separating yourself from the all high tech environment. You have flash light to find your bbq fork, you have earphones to listen your Audiobook and you don't have Facebook or USwomen so you can be more connected with the nature. I mean, it's a great solution
Junior 2013
Junior 2013 2 days ago
I’m buying this to take to work instead of bringing my 1000$ iPhone everywhere , I work in construction and bring my laptop anyways lol
Movie Channel
Movie Channel 2 days ago
Hi,I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel.
Arian Ghazali
Arian Ghazali 2 days ago
Exuse me your own phone is one+?
Ang Pinoy Talaga Channel
Ang Pinoy Talaga Channel 2 days ago
the return of the old cellphone....
KRS KA 2 days ago
it was going to be nice 10 years ago
Raul Martinez
Raul Martinez 2 days ago
its unavailable. I mean i want it because i need headphones and a battery pack.... this would be perfect to have in my backpack. For the price it is its actually a good deal.
dzing74 2 days ago
I prefer this awful phone to the presenter.
SonnyBCreative 2 days ago
if it could get 4G then and did tethering it would be perfect
HIHI VIDEO 2 days ago
TRON1717 3 days ago
Tron 😎
M L 3 days ago
Not bad, it's chinese innovation. Put it a better brand and a cooler design and you get a million dollar startup
Seems like a great mp3 to me instead of a phone
ST3W!3 MS 3 days ago
The only time lew will ever review a button phone
Jeremy Lee Potocki
Jeremy Lee Potocki 3 days ago
The phone function is useless for the majority of the U.S (fully useless by the end of 2020.) The only thing this product is"good" for is a Bluetooth headset, Emergency Power Bank, MP3 Player, FM Radio, and Flashlight. All other functions are pretty much useless. Most of these functions minus the headset can be had from other 2G phones for around $20~40. there are better Bluetooth Headsets that can cost around $10.
Rayyan Sayeed
Rayyan Sayeed 3 days ago
Let's build a cellphone around a power bank and earphones
Xy Xy
Xy Xy 3 days ago
This is a perfect SOS phone
mao mao
mao mao 3 days ago
Arvu ReBantra
Arvu ReBantra 3 days ago
TBH I would get it, but it's sold out on Amazon and they say "We don't know when we'll get more"
W.B-Star Belaidi
W.B-Star Belaidi 3 days ago
wait, is this JAVA ? wow only OG's can relate lmao
Kelvin Wilson
Kelvin Wilson 3 days ago
men this would be cool for camping......pretty cool i think for if i went camping i would live my good phone take this one or fishing
fun zone
fun zone 3 days ago
Lets gift this to grandparents
Voltan 3 days ago
love willy do xxx
UP 3 days ago
Nir Wigi
Nir Wigi 3 days ago
no compromise here
Nikolay Petrov
Nikolay Petrov 3 days ago
Hey Unbox Therapy. Can you make unbox and review on Sony Xperia ZS pro 2018. I try to find this phone and no result so far. Thanks. I like you and watch you every thime.
Prince Xamim
Prince Xamim 3 days ago
Looks like a satellite phone...
Matīss Nazgra
Matīss Nazgra 3 days ago
working mans phone.
Burt Co
Burt Co 3 days ago
Suggest to the makers Remove the camera since it is nearly useless
Dean Kumar DK
Dean Kumar DK 3 days ago
just checked and its sold out on amazon
Krishnaprasad Nayani
Krishnaprasad Nayani 3 days ago
I thought of making same thing
Philly Phil
Philly Phil 3 days ago
it's like an emergency phone/camping phone you'd keep in your glove box or RV.
Jehovy Santiago
Jehovy Santiago 3 days ago
Not bad, just use this as a portable power-bank with wireless ear buds.
Ashley Marney
Ashley Marney 3 days ago
But does it charge itself?
rafat ali
rafat ali 3 days ago
how much is 60 bucks ?
jaimit vala
jaimit vala 3 days ago
I had to check the upload date to confirm its not 5-8 year old video..
naufal sinulingga
naufal sinulingga 3 days ago
Idk why he sometimes sound like Pewdipie
BoopyTheFox 3 days ago
How to sell Chinese phone with lotta questionably useful gimmicks: Chinese salesman: "2.8 inch LCD screen, Audio/Video Player, BIG BATTERY, Internet Browser, BIG SPEAKER, Wireless FM Radio, Memory support up to 32 GB, BIG BRAIN, and a powerful torch" Unbox therapy: ok which face do i give to this unit? Here we go - 5:22
Myle Gaming
Myle Gaming 3 days ago
the BoaDoctor
the BoaDoctor 3 days ago
It actually seems to be a great product, you´re just stupid rude american.....
the BoaDoctor
the BoaDoctor 2 days ago
@Ruel Palo He´s making fun of it and ridiculing it...
Ruel Palo
Ruel Palo 2 days ago
Honest Review and he said its good
Peanut 3 days ago
Beside the earbuds it's just like my old sony ericsson W800i from 12 years ago.. Even the menu and everything, and they sell this as a new gadget?
Oruen Elmshade
Oruen Elmshade 3 days ago
This is the first time I've disliked a USwomen Video. I commented to let you know that the dislike is for the phone. 😅
Sunday Lee
Sunday Lee 3 days ago
All these weird phone made in China is for African market, I read an article that says so, big speaker with loud volume sharing music in large space, big battery capacity because power out happens cut often, very bright flash light provides light source in night... I am not kidding it is a real thing
jigar dhacha
jigar dhacha 3 days ago
How to buy this phone
TreaV VasU
TreaV VasU 3 days ago
Big phone
Reviews For You
Reviews For You 3 days ago
Isn’t SERVO an OIL/PETROL company....??
Arya Pradana
Arya Pradana 4 days ago
I need this
M o
M o 4 days ago
You could buy it as 2 in 1 a wireless headphone and power bank gadget, but if they made it into a smart phone, the phone would have be useful, cause we need Google sync for contacts and you tube for music and all, it would be perfect for a travel media gadget.
jason kruger
jason kruger 4 days ago
The way you Chuck your phones about is not good for my nerves lol
Jaxon Cheney
Jaxon Cheney 4 days ago
I would use it as a backup phone
Document 4
Document 4 4 days ago
Love the discription, thanks for the new video always looking forward to them
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