Maybe VR isn't dead after all... - Valve Index Review

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

8 days ago

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We had almost completely lost faith in the progress of consumer VR products... until the Valve Index arrived at our office.
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Phillipe 8 days ago
Oculus Rift S, anyone? Linus forgot to mention it entirely!!!!!!! No need for extra cameras at all, for $ 400, it’s a good VR headset...
jake fever
jake fever 15 minutes ago
@Linus Tech Tips what about the oculus quest
Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra 2 hours ago
and he does mention the rift a little bit 6:29
Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra 2 hours ago
yea but you dont get room scale and precision tracking like you do with the valve
xSphinx 5 hours ago
Had one, returned it because of no external base station tracking. Internal camera room tracking only and lights are definitely needed to be on if its dark for tracking. If you play FPS games, dont use a rift s, get the index.
eric smith
eric smith 7 hours ago
Fmily you’d be surprised. If you could tell 80 from 90 you’d be lying. It looks flawless in the Rift S and I’m hyper sensitive to these types of things.
Pelvis Wrestling
Pelvis Wrestling 44 minutes ago
Will you do a test of the StarVR too?
Bart Hour ago
I'll start getting excited about VR when there is actually interesting software to use it with. I haven't seen anything so far. I can't think of a single game i would really like to play on vr.
eLJaybud Hour ago
Tell Mrs Linus, Mr Linus wants a strapon experience! Must be International Women's Day. 🤣
eLJaybud Hour ago
This looks like a better vr setup.
eLJaybud Hour ago
The cat would like to know where the valve vr headset for cats is?
Fokker - 1138
Fokker - 1138 Hour ago
I'm sorry, I stopped paying attention once the kitty showed up.
Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra 2 hours ago
increased refresh rate
George Jacob
George Jacob 2 hours ago
11:36 the dance moves that made Linus's wife fall in love
SkwitchIzPlaying 2 hours ago
You heard it here folks, Linus prefers a strap-on experience
Neil Haroldson
Neil Haroldson 2 hours ago
haha.. throw it on the floor... it's so low class. Linus.. get it together bud. you're spare parts.
mz2281694 2 hours ago
cmon! obviously a bot found offensive a robot fight. Also why nobody think about the children!!
Neil Haroldson
Neil Haroldson 2 hours ago
scuf... add... money..
Its Volatile
Its Volatile 3 hours ago
the headset make him look like Zid from ice age random fact
G-O-T-H 3 hours ago
$1,000 for a headset, games are shit.
Take Away Kitty
Take Away Kitty 3 hours ago
hows the glare on that tv lol probably the worst place you could have put it
partin25 4 hours ago
Holy shit. I don’t own a VR headset but I do have 3 cats. I can relate so hard to the Switch being knocked over lol. I’ve had my tv pulled down by a climbing cat
Devils Boy
Devils Boy 4 hours ago
Aww man, your so lucky i want to get one sooo bad but they dont ship to vancouver!!!!
FinalKamehameHillbilly 4 hours ago
The Valve Index, 1000 USD, Same shit but better graphics, Has a mother fuckin KITTY!
Lu The Gamecat
Lu The Gamecat 4 hours ago
I couldn't focus on the vid at all because your cat is so cute
MulleDK19 5 hours ago
"I do wish this was more of a strap on experience" "I know; you're only doing what daddy taught you." This video is pretty dirty.
Iceflame 5 hours ago
Linus.. why don't you do AR ?
Iceflame 4 hours ago
@EVOLICIOUS Granted, there aren'y many "out there" versions/systems in the public eye but... there ARE more of the AR based than there are VR..... good example, Ski goggles that SHOW you the path you need to take... not to mention, temp.. time of day and time on slope... the VR guys don't REALLY want you to look at AR.. simply because it's more readily useable than VR... .
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
Right now AR is a hardly existing gimmick. Hololense 2, magic leap, all complete garbage and worthless. Maybe in 10 years.
Ga2Z 5 hours ago
13:18 mierda ¡es Zeus!
arcanask 5 hours ago
Full hand control and the first thing he does is test whether he can flip people off with it. What a time we live in. lmao
VALHALL 5 hours ago
haha strap on experience xD
HikKi 6 hours ago
EchoGaming 17
EchoGaming 17 6 hours ago
Has anyone noticed their there’s a cat in the box 3:32
Angel Arch
Angel Arch 6 hours ago
Kitteh!!! :D
Aiden Simmons
Aiden Simmons 7 hours ago
Speaking of $1000, look at these 5 screwdrivers!
Kafeh 7 hours ago
20:49 damn listen to his voice, he went full android for a second
Legendarymark112 7 hours ago
How could you possibly think it was dead in the first place?
TheZombieSurvivalist 7 hours ago
I just got a Samsung odyssey plus for $160 and got into VR
Joey Johansen
Joey Johansen 7 hours ago
Valve Index is not available in canada, either from Valve itself or amazon... dang you!
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
Valve has never sold hardware to canada, you'll have to wait till end of this year when some retailers might get them.
abanoub samy
abanoub samy 8 hours ago
I have a small question which vr positioning system is better : the one with cameras in the vr itself only or the one that needs external sensors like the on in the vid.. 🤔
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
lol, outside tracking, DUH. You really think a couple of optical sensors can track a controller behind you?
Corazon Sierra
Corazon Sierra 8 hours ago
the segways crack me up! i have ad blocker to block the obnoxious ads that bloat every channel on youtube... but not once have i regretted your ad segways xD
Saturn2888 9 hours ago
The reason moving to 120Hz wouldn't show a difference is if your system isn't running at that speed. I've seen it on other reviews too. If your machine isn't fast enough (980 Ti), then that might be the issue. Lowering the render resolution should fix that. Because of the way VR renders to the headset, 1:1 resolution to headset pixel isn't 1:1. SteamVR has a way to modify it so you render say 1.5x or 2x the resolution of the headset to account for this discrepancy. If you're rendering at too high a resolution (the Index is higher resolution than the Vive), then your 980 Ti might not be able to keep up. That's my assumption on that paddle game. You'd know for sure if you measured frame times.
Psythix 9 hours ago
omg my cat is called shadow :o
2StepMarv 9 hours ago
Wait, this comes with a cat? Damn, im getting one right now.
Bio Kek
Bio Kek 10 hours ago
So we're just gonna ignore the pussy in the package?
Baby Spine
Baby Spine 10 hours ago
the lenovo explorer has LCD lens as well and they are terrible
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
LCD varies. LCD is pretty advanced nowadays so their are hundreds of different kinds of LCD displays that differ greatly from eachother. The BOE display in the Index vs. the JDI display in the HP Reverb, very different LCD displays with completely different functions.
rslife 11 hours ago
what? you not only get a VR headset but you also get a cat!
Evercreeper 13 hours ago
I am fellow Canadian, I feel sad too.
Krabben Army
Krabben Army 13 hours ago
Are the Valve index Controller compatible with the Vive headset? Never found a reliable awnser
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
@Cole Keeton "little work", by you mean endless tweaking to get everything aligned correctly every time you boot up and of course you need lighthouses and steamvr controllers. Really, if you have a vive or index, there is no point in using a Rift at that point, lmao.
Cole Keeton
Cole Keeton 10 hours ago
Krabben Army yes. And with a little work u can use them on the oculus too
DJ SICK__BOY 13 hours ago
stop be rich kind reviewer m8 and show something logical with normal price
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
How is a couple thousand dollars, "rich"? How do you suppose people buy TVs, cars, houses, ect.? You could be paid minimum wage at full time and afford all this stuff easily.
weeeds334 13 hours ago
12:00 lol rofl lmao Xd
Richard Green
Richard Green 13 hours ago
How much no thanx
Micah Tartles
Micah Tartles 13 hours ago
Are you going to be selling your Vive. I live nearby and would be interested in buying
Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence 13 hours ago
it comes with a cat???
het gouden katje
het gouden katje 13 hours ago
Please linus review also the ocleus rift.
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira 14 hours ago
I'd rather spend 1000$ on this than on a phone
IraQ Nid
IraQ Nid 14 hours ago
So naturally you guys need to have cat VR headsets enabling your kitties to enjoy the VR interface. But be sure to make the cables chew proof.
Papa Labman
Papa Labman 14 hours ago
I'm pretty sure Linus has given up on smooth segues
fede 14 hours ago
Wtf cat in the box??
Yar0nix 14 hours ago
"...I still do wish that it was more of a strap-on experience."
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn 14 hours ago
Maybe? What? It was never dead or close to being dead. What are you talking about?
J-THR3 14 hours ago
If you’re an average consumer, get the Oculus Quest. You can even stream SteamVR to it with almost unnoticeable latency if you have a 5ghz wifi network.
J-THR3 4 hours ago
EVOLICIOUS guess I found the person that hasn’t tried it yet, or who doesn’t have fast enough internet for it to work. Not everyone enjoys it but most people won’t care or notice.
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
"unnoticeable latency", at 50ms....... VR presence doesn't even start till under 23ms. Streaming VR over 5ghz is inherently flawed, it doesn't work, lmao.
Lanes 15 hours ago
"I do wish it was more of a strap on experience" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ashley Keyser
Ashley Keyser 15 hours ago
my cats name is shadow!
oktc68 15 hours ago
VR no no no, all that money to look like a complete arse Linus.
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
lol, what a pathetic bitch, all you care about is your looks, grow up.
Avernuum Solantis
Avernuum Solantis 15 hours ago
Whoever keeps designing those cheap looking speakers for these headsets should be publicly executed... Not to mention the mic!
Charles Li
Charles Li 15 hours ago
buying the index for the free cat in the box!
Globespy 15 hours ago
Way to go Linus......but it's still a huge letdown given that it's really marginally better visually than the Rift S, and is much harder to drive even with high end PC. With the problems with the index controllers reported all over the internet it's really not worth the money. I had one for a week and returned in favor of keeping the Rift S as it is simply far more compelling since both these HMD's are nothing more than stop-gaps between old and actual next gen VR.
The Great Bambino
The Great Bambino 15 hours ago
You need to play Boneworks ny Stress Level Zero when it comes out. It's the only VR gaming experience being presented right now that adequately supports Index functionality.
Furious Deer
Furious Deer 15 hours ago
shouldve tried blade and sorcery that has full finger tracking
Hugo Wijk
Hugo Wijk 15 hours ago
Is it worth just getting the controllers for the htc vive? They just became available for me and now I have to decide if I want to buy them.
EVOLICIOUS 4 hours ago
Duh, far better than the garbage wands
Retro Plus
Retro Plus 15 hours ago
3:32 Wow, it's awfully kind of Valve to include a free cat with every headset!
The Great Bambino
The Great Bambino 15 hours ago
Valve Index definitely comes with a free cat. While supplies last.
Tom Cullen
Tom Cullen 16 hours ago
BRO, of course your cat's called shadow
Oxford Electronics
Oxford Electronics 16 hours ago
Strap on experience….deep in the hole there....using middle finger...only doing what daddy told you to...
Nephanor 16 hours ago
Hey dude, any chance of getting this in Canada? Because doesn't have it
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