Making A Wedding Dress Cake w/ Safiya Nygaard!

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Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino

10 days ago

I made Safiya Nygaard a Wedding Dress Cake!
*Order The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook here:
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Safiya's LINKS:
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This #Wedding #Dress #Cake was so much fun to celebrate Safiya Nygaard getting married! It has a lot of intricate lace detailing, sprinkles, and fondant. What other videos would you like to see?

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 10 days ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! What was your favorite part? 😂👰🏻
Shay Kashif
Shay Kashif 5 hours ago
She didn't link the other video... 😔
Theawkwardanimator 9 hours ago
All of it
Emily Kerruish
Emily Kerruish 20 hours ago
Definitely the intro when you were like "that's a lotta butter" 😂👌🏼
Kumquat Mae
Kumquat Mae 21 hour ago
The harmonised "ta-da," because honestly I got such Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel vibes from this video... Safiya practically turned green and levitated.
Molly Flynn
Molly Flynn Day ago
You didn't link the giant dress cake video :o
Mystic Lei
Mystic Lei 16 minutes ago
I never knew the bat and the bunny wil collab..
Laura Luna
Laura Luna Hour ago
Ro is so positive and so kind. It makes my day😄
Jennifer Matherne
Jennifer Matherne Hour ago
Came here for Safiya ♡
Potato Chip'
Potato Chip' 3 hours ago
Rosanna the short bean •w•
kelly 3 hours ago
This is the collaboration i never knew i needed.
Eilish Keenan
Eilish Keenan 3 hours ago
Omg Ro looks so short compared to Safiya!
zaara j
zaara j 3 hours ago
you po this wedding in intrgram
Lola Gregory
Lola Gregory 3 hours ago
do you know how to cook?
helena approves
helena approves 4 hours ago
Ro: what kind of content do you make Safiya: **desperately tries not to mention period videos**
bun rong
bun rong 4 hours ago
Can u make a princess cake
Simply Geek
Simply Geek 5 hours ago
I want cake now 🍰
Victory Adogo
Victory Adogo 5 hours ago
"I'm still not great at it,but it's coming out"👀 Me*trying not to laugh too loudly,because it's 4 o'clock at night*: Title of your sex tape😂
Kalysta Mainville
Kalysta Mainville 5 hours ago
Safiya looks more "Morticia Addams"-esk than normal when next to Ro XD
MichaLewisArt 6 hours ago
Safiya looks amazing 😄
Mackenzie Stark
Mackenzie Stark 6 hours ago
OH MY GOSH!!!!!! TWO OF MY FAVORITE USwomenRS IN ONE VIDEO!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! AND I LOVE CAKE AND CAKE DECORATING, even though I suck at it🥰
Cait P.
Cait P. 6 hours ago
You didn't cut the cake 😭
Yeetus Cletus Give my your fetus
Yeetus Cletus Give my your fetus 7 hours ago
Rylee B
Rylee B 7 hours ago
She seems nice but she also kind of seems like the type of person who ends up being 64 managing the cosmetic counter at a failing macy's /;/;
nicole appiah
nicole appiah 7 hours ago
Yall are opposites like Ro is short and bright Saph is tall and dark
Marissa Bartow
Marissa Bartow 7 hours ago
Watching you brings my child hood I’m crying 😢
teamboobooseth1 7 hours ago
Lipstick cake and when Tyler made the ketchup/mustard cake are probably the only two times I can think of where Saf has baked (at least in videos).
Prinz Mondkatze
Prinz Mondkatze 8 hours ago
Whenever Ro's tummy is visible I start to feel cold. It's probably very warm there but it looks strange to me right now. XD
Ariel Melody
Ariel Melody 8 hours ago
I only see a black hoodie and no pink on the MERCH SHOP PAGE!!??
kippers 9 hours ago
I need Safiya and Rosanna to make Harry Potter themed items!!
scarlet Rautenbach
scarlet Rautenbach 9 hours ago
Its really late in sa Cape its 00:02
Giaidaber Tromp
Giaidaber Tromp 9 hours ago
6:08 the blob on the mixer fell😢
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake 10 hours ago
Just watched escape the night with these two then immediately watched this and oh.
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake 10 hours ago
Honestly, didn't realise I needed this
Nand Anon
Nand Anon 10 hours ago
Ro, I haven't watched your videos in like 2 years and omg you look SO GOOD. Do you have a vid on where/how you did your hair? It's amazing.
Gacha Star Animation :3
Gacha Star Animation :3 11 hours ago
Hey Ro, can you do a colab with Cristine from SimpyNailLogical??? (Please) Also love You 😻
Cailsen Lackey
Cailsen Lackey 11 hours ago
I’ve seen her closet organization video but I’m still not convinced Safiya has another dress
Danae Tereoglou
Danae Tereoglou 11 hours ago
Im sorry but I can't help but look at Ro's eyebrows. I think they're a little thicker that usual. Just a notice tho♥️
Novineux 12 hours ago
jeez rosanna is so little and then safiya next to her looks hilarious :D
Artsy Aardvark
Artsy Aardvark 12 hours ago
I think it funny how you have Ro the tiny, pastel, cinnamon roll and then you have Saf who looks like Morticia Adams come to life
dschelada1 12 hours ago
I didn't even knew they both existed in the same universe. It feels like a weird crossover episode.
Tahir Rafiq
Tahir Rafiq 13 hours ago
I love your baking ro you are tremendously superb I am watching nerdy nummies since 3-4 years and tried many of recipes they were yummy! Love from London
Ans Van Gasse
Ans Van Gasse 13 hours ago
do you eat the fondant from the doll??
Ilya Allen
Ilya Allen 13 hours ago
You need to make her actual wedding cake! 👏🏻🎂🍰
Sanjna Suresh
Sanjna Suresh 14 hours ago
Me after the video: Ro and Cristine will take over the wedding
Rosalyn Joyner
Rosalyn Joyner 14 hours ago did they know the flour salt and baking powder was all good but they are all white.
Sophia Murchie
Sophia Murchie 16 hours ago
The height difference is crazy
Pili Kalanui
Pili Kalanui 16 hours ago
I saw this video I was like... WAAAA! When the video started I was like... oh yeah it’s the cutest person ever with a dark and sarcastic person... the difference was evident. I love it!
grace balderas
grace balderas 16 hours ago
Make a lipstick shaped cake with safyia!!
Cecilie Brønd Agerholm
Cecilie Brønd Agerholm 16 hours ago
Can/will you make a Harry Potter cake or a Lumine cake plz ❤❤❤ Ps Lumine is werewolf 🐺 and he is so cute and i love you
It’s kimmy kimmy
It’s kimmy kimmy 16 hours ago
Sorry RO but you’re eyebrows
yuen ok
yuen ok 17 hours ago
Make mermaid cake
Melina Buci
Melina Buci 17 hours ago
can u do a dragon cake with Nikita Dragun?
Bailey Bailey's
Bailey Bailey's 18 hours ago
I came for saf but i love this woman now
Wolfhowl 144
Wolfhowl 144 18 hours ago
collab with simply nailogical
Snow King
Snow King 19 hours ago
This is how I imagine Glinda and Elphaba baking together.^^
Lily Beddoe
Lily Beddoe 20 hours ago
who else wants Ro and How To Cake It to collab
Jeannie Aqua
Jeannie Aqua 20 hours ago
Throughout this video, the one thing that kept nagging in my mind..... the height difference. SorryNotSorry.
coffikitty Eloise
coffikitty Eloise 20 hours ago
Colab with Christine from simplynailogycal
Sara Lavigne
Sara Lavigne 21 hour ago
I had to google their heights because I refused to believe Safiya was 6 feet tall.
Warner Sisters
Warner Sisters 21 hour ago
Ro's eyebrows are so distracting lmao! Wth happened to them?
Andrea Cleofas
Andrea Cleofas 21 hour ago
This is my first time watching a vid from Rosanna Pansino (although Jenna keeps talking about her haha) but now i'm hooked!!! She also kinda reminds me of vanellope von schweetz hahaha
Catalin Iannis
Catalin Iannis 21 hour ago
Rosanaa is So small
Luk Esther
Luk Esther 22 hours ago
what is wrong with ro's eye brow
Nothing Important
Nothing Important 22 hours ago
I wince every time someone touches or plays with their hair above or next to the cake making process
Xoxo Nugget girl
Xoxo Nugget girl 22 hours ago
Omg the height difference😂 I’m shaking
Ava Odell
Ava Odell 23 hours ago
I love your outfit ro!
Slightly Unsightly
Slightly Unsightly 23 hours ago
Anyone want to see a Rosanna Pansino/ Jenna Marbles collab?
Noelia Cabrera
Noelia Cabrera 23 hours ago
Glinda and Elphaba in 2019
Amrita Athwain
Amrita Athwain 23 hours ago
Ro ❤️ you should do a collab with Anthony Riveras or the free time members.
Evangelyn Pheng
Evangelyn Pheng 23 hours ago
Make a butterfly cake with rebecca
Vishal Sangale
Vishal Sangale Day ago
Don't u all think that sarkha looks like a mom n ro is her daughter!?
Blanca Cabrera
Blanca Cabrera Day ago
Christmas cake!!!!!!!!!!
Blanca Cabrera
Blanca Cabrera Day ago
Can you do a Easter cake
Blanca Cabrera
Blanca Cabrera Day ago
I love your baking videos 🎂🎂🧁🧁🥧🥧💝💖💗💓💞💕❤️
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