Jack Gray

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Erin Weatherly
Erin Weatherly 6 hours ago
Two million views. Eh no ones excited about this
Hello. 6 hours ago
Dude the james bond health bars in the beginning 💪💪😂
Ryland 8 hours ago
It's cool knowing Jack Black doesn't mind shitting in porta-potty's like the rest of us.
Tom Carter
Tom Carter 10 hours ago
Jack and Kyle please can you wear your seat belts you are precious
LJTeam 12 hours ago
Jack Black is a very strange man... jack white deadset either paints his face white or sleeps in a coffin and only comes out at night.. possibly partial to a glass or two of blood. All valid options.
Huck Z's Quality Menagerie Land
Huck Z's Quality Menagerie Land 12 hours ago
Sweet! When did you start jamming with Letterman?
kruz trump
kruz trump 18 hours ago
W ith fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2016-07895 Doc No. C06131616 Date: 11/03/2016 Message Headers: From: H To: Huma Abedin Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 09:13:36 -0400 Subject: Fw: Honduras: Maybe, maybe
Taco Defiler
Taco Defiler 18 hours ago
Every pizza is a personal sized pizza if you believe in yourself....ha! You guys are loving life, that's so awesome. Keep the badassery coming and thank you for being yourself "Jablinski", love you guys
Andy Martin
Andy Martin 19 hours ago
Coolest dudes ever (Jack and kyle)
Big-boned Pikachu
Big-boned Pikachu Day ago
The golden eye watch face was a nice touch
K J Day ago
"Reaffirming once again that it is impossible to eat sensibly on tour" lol what part
Jared Martinez
Jared Martinez Day ago
Is that motherfucking Jack Black with a Sans shirt on.
Lewy Sav
Lewy Sav Day ago
doesn't matter if you're Jack Black or white. Dude.... i lost it XD how long were you sitting on that bad boy for? hahaha
BubbaZen10 Day ago
A lotta people cite Zep, Hendrix and so forth for their inspiration, but The Kyle Gass Project was where it all began for me man.
Jessica the warrioress H
Jessica the warrioress H Day ago
Will M
Will M Day ago
Jack white is so far up his own ass. He gets mad at black keys for "stealing his sound"? Fuck you! Helter skelter by the beatles is the only sound jack white has ever explored. Runs it into the ground, he made a career/5+ albums on ONE sound the beatles touched.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Day ago
Jack white looks Amish
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald Day ago
Why so many people what show was that??in the first part of the video??
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith Day ago
Am I the only one who thought KG was David Letterman?
Davi Silva
Davi Silva Day ago
10:33 🎶 "I wish you were there"🎶
paint 67
paint 67 Day ago
How many lines 👃👃👃🤯😉
Jack Gray
Jack Gray Day ago
Don’t get it
TooTrue Day ago
Jack has had a lot of great moments in his career...but none come close to the most masterful artistic achievement that is Airborne.
Jacob Edwards
Jacob Edwards Day ago
how Jack Black hasn't forced a stroke yet I don't know. (god forbid) so intense
deerl0rd Day ago
i need that fucking great ape shirt, my guy
Nihal K prakash
Nihal K prakash Day ago
Jonathan Day ago
GoldenEye hud display +1.
Jpilgs 333
Jpilgs 333 Day ago
Fuck yeah its perry farrell
Tetrin Trancy
Tetrin Trancy Day ago
I love the Sans shirt!
Tiago Lageira
Tiago Lageira 2 days ago
Jack White + Jack Black = Jack Gray
Bette Baldwin
Bette Baldwin 2 days ago
*sorry.... the evil stuff is just getting old and worn out... that's all they seem to rely on to be funny... imo...*
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez 2 hours ago
What part was evil??
James Fondren
James Fondren 2 days ago
you are a nut
Gam3rDam3 2 days ago
He has an Undertale shirt!
Tyler Thorne
Tyler Thorne 2 days ago
The editing on this was on point! Good job JB!
edgeofeternity101 2 days ago
I knew I screwed up clicking on this.
mariano gregorio
mariano gregorio 2 days ago
thank you Jack for being a big fan of Dragon Ball Z , this man is a legend . Tenacious D for the win
james vincent
james vincent 2 days ago
Master Jables aka Baby Jables aka King Koonjezz
Dugsart 2 days ago
What is the music at the 15:30 mark?
Salami 2 days ago
I just wanna remind you guys that the guy from Tenacious D just wore a Sans shirt in front of the guy from The White Stripes
Mark McCann
Mark McCann 2 days ago
Is there nothing Jack Black can’t do. Just bloody amazing entertainment.
My Neighbors
My Neighbors 2 days ago
this is what i was actually waiting for
jxa66 2 days ago
that dbz gohan shirt thoooooo
Amanda Murphy
Amanda Murphy 2 days ago
I love seeing that Jack Black just played himself in School of Rock. I’m sure they didn’t even give him a script, they just let him be Jack Black and it was perfect every take.
FOuR20 4LiFE
FOuR20 4LiFE 2 days ago
9:29 I think that was a mixture of two different Michael Jackson jams 15:58 I think that was a mixture of two different Jim Carrey flicks
Carlos Last Name
Carlos Last Name 2 days ago
4:02 i think he forgot to edit that
yishak der totten
yishak der totten 2 days ago
México's waiting for you again guys, we need the D!!!
Next Time
Next Time 2 days ago
Weeha to The Greybeard D
Merv Cann
Merv Cann 2 days ago
Target sucks!
Zzz Zzz
Zzz Zzz 2 days ago
Perry Farell turned out to be one sexy chick
Adrian Young
Adrian Young 2 days ago
i hope he washed those first
Zac Sirignano
Zac Sirignano 2 days ago
Love y'all
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose 2 days ago
Everyone's asking for Dave Grohl. Who did you think was holding the camera all vlog? lol
LXBD 2 days ago
uh... it's been a week, where is the new video??!
Tony Tad
Tony Tad 2 days ago
I really used to like the D until Jack Black started showing his liberal side. Oh well. Time to move on.
Jason• theFATES
Jason• theFATES 2 days ago
George Washington
George Washington 2 days ago
Can we get your soundtrack in the description ? some sick jams right there at 15:22
donut 47
donut 47 3 days ago
Good Job jablinski keep on making Great Content
Shadyzland 3 days ago
All I want now is Jablinski on Death Battle.
Iaan Vazquez
Iaan Vazquez 3 days ago
Can we all just appreciate Jack blacks Sans shirt I mean Cmon people
burnedatbirth 3 days ago
Come to Saratoga NY..
Kobi Englund
Kobi Englund 3 days ago
Is Jablinski a Dragon Ball fan??!
J Hall
J Hall 3 days ago
Have "The Killer Dwarves" been taken as an awesome name for a rock band? I think they have. Let's work on that.
Parakeet Lps Lover Productions
Parakeet Lps Lover Productions 3 days ago
Whos here bc of The House With The Clock In its Walls? I love you Jack Black tho 😉👌
MEGA NZ 3 days ago
can nay say idiot
AtomicStoner77 7
AtomicStoner77 7 3 days ago
Fucking awesome dragon ball z shirt jack black
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup 3 days ago
I can't imagine what RPM Jack Black's brain idles at. This guy is on point every second of the day. He's exhausting. LOL
The Marvelous M
The Marvelous M 3 days ago
8:39 you and Jack White should seriously make that song! You may have to get the okay from the Michael Jackson estate, but since that new documentary (which will remain nameless) is about to be discredited, I think you guys could pull it off...
Carlos Escobar
Carlos Escobar 3 days ago
I don't know if going to read this But you got my respect NACHO LIBRE ....man you r real .... fuck it real....
Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham 3 days ago
Selvar 3 days ago
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