How to Get Bigger Biceps (TALLER & WIDER!)

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9 days ago

If you want to get bigger biceps but feel you have tried every biceps exercise without seeing the results you have been aiming for, then you need to watch this video. Here I’m going to show you the best tip for improving every bicep workout you will do from here on out. In fact, when you see and feel how to perform this move, you’re going to start getting more out of your bicep exercises that may have not felt as effective as they should have in the past.
It starts with understanding how the body prefers to work. When trying to accomplish a task, the body is always going to look for ways to compensate in order to be more efficient. It does not want to waste any unnecessary energy and therefore will look for other muscles that it can ask to chip in to complete the task, whether you wanted them to or not.
When it comes to strength training, this is a great thing. Moving the most amount of weight from point A to point B is essential when it comes to getting stronger. In fact, it is the definition of strength. The more you can lift the more strength you have. That said, when you are trying to simply grow the size of a muscle, in this case the biceps, your job is to find ways to make sure the muscle in question does all of the work without the help of others.
When it comes to the biceps, the forearms are the enemy of your gains. This is because this nearby muscle group (the flexors of the forearms) are not just in the immediate vicinity of the biceps but share a similar function in that they like to contribute to the pulling exercises in your workouts. This means that when you are doing bicep exercises that pull the weight towards you (as in every variation of a curl or even a chinup or a row) the forearms will contribute - if you let them.
I say if, because if you want to take them out of it you can greatly minimize their contribution by consciously making a tweak to the position of your wrist on every bicep exercise. You want to allow your wrist to bend backwards as opposed to curl towards the upper arm when doing your exercises. This will take some practice and awareness but if you try the two handed waiter curl that I show you in the early part of this video you will be able to feel what it is that you are trying to recreate on every other movement.
From here, you can do this on every other biceps curl exercise or chin up and get the same feelings and benefits. The key is never to let the bar or pullup bar drift too far towards the fingers. Grip them deep in the palm. This will prevent unnecessary overload on the distal deep finger tendons which will place an undue stress on the medial elbow tendon attachment.
Give this a try and let me know how it works for you. I promise you, if you do exactly what I show you here in this video you are going to start building bigger biceps starting in your very next workout. It doesn’t take long to start feeling and seeing the benefits of this one powerful tip. If you’re looking for a step by step complete workout program to not just build bigger biceps but an overall more ripped and powerful body, click the link below and start your 90 day transformation.
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ATHLEAN-X™ 9 days ago
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Threndr Mc
Threndr Mc 9 hours ago
Hey Jeff, you said that you should train your abs everyday, but doesn’t that counteract the idea that in order to achieve peak muscle growth, you should not train sore muscles?
Benjio 3 days ago
I really need your help, I’ve found that my right Bicep is good and healthy yet my left has the the outer part of the bicep which is lacking. Now I’m not sure how to fix this but about a year ago I did have a 12-week break from lifting any weights because of my fractured Humorous. Please help, much appreciation.
Brendan 203
Brendan 203 4 days ago
ATHLEAN-X™ your videos are the reason I know as much as I do today I wanna say thank you and keep the videos coming💪
jake ragsdale
jake ragsdale 5 days ago
Hey Jeff, thanks for all the great advice and training programs; awesome and very engaging! I have a strong recommendation for your supplements. I appreciate the fact that they are backed by science, however most of them contain artificial sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame potassium, etc.). I have a degree in Nutrition/food science and we learned that Splenda was safe (glucose with a Cl molecule substituted for a carbon on the molecule) and how it was such an amazing product. This was 2000-2004; Splenda was relatively new even though it has been around since the 70’s. Now that we are learning more about our microbiome, these ingredients, although relatively safe, are showing to have a perverse effect on on our gut flora. Bottom line is I think you should work with your manufacturer to eliminate these ingredients from your supps. I know it’s tricky food science and the products won’t taste the same or as good but it’s doable. I would rather have a gram or two of fructose than artificial sweeteners. I like the stevia product, even though I don’t like stevia; in general I’m more concerned with the quality and ingredients than the taste. I’m bringing this up because you placed some emphasis on magnesium stearate, even though you would have to consume A LOT to have a negative effect and the research suggests that it is pretty much benign. I’m sure you have thought about this and it probably bugs the hell out of you. Again, your info and knowledge is world class but nutrition and food science isn’t your main area of expertise. It would be awesome if you did some videos with the “Jeff C” of sports nutrition, whoever that is lol. I appreciate your consideration and would be interested in your thoughts. - Jake R.
Sardar Gagandeep Singh
Sardar Gagandeep Singh 4 hours ago
Love from punjab, India.
Cody Oslin
Cody Oslin 4 hours ago
First off I gotta say thank you Jeff. Just by watching your USwomen videos I have finally started to see muscle gains. Due to a medical condition I have to limit my protein intake and even despite of that I finally got some muscle definition in my arms. I'm a hard gainer. I weigh 165 on a good day and I'm 6'2" and lanky. I've worked out for years, mainly my arms and haven't seen any growth and just by using different techniques of arm exercises I'm getting bigger arms and upper body strength. It's crazy how just different variations of lifting the wait has helped. So again I have to say thank you.
Christos Tryfonopouls
Christos Tryfonopouls 6 hours ago
Is it just me or does this guy look like he hasn’t had a glass of water in 20 years
Steve Pasquarella
Steve Pasquarella 8 hours ago
Deja vu I feel like he's made 29 videos on this topic
Andrew K.
Andrew K. 9 hours ago
Yes senpai!Understood.
Deez Lutz
Deez Lutz 10 hours ago
Just the “Master Tip”
John Ivory
John Ivory 10 hours ago
Jeff's face is more muscular than any part of my body
Roberto Blandon
Roberto Blandon 11 hours ago
How heavy should the weight be for the dumbbell and cable pull?
Saad Al Jabri
Saad Al Jabri 11 hours ago
What's wrong to include the forearm in the training? it will also grow with the biceps. We need a strong forearm.
_gt Zola
_gt Zola 16 hours ago
Short biceps like yours make it bigger too :/
Mike J747
Mike J747 16 hours ago
Can you give me a link to a video to make the bicep "wider/rounder/fatter"? In other words, the sides of the bicep, inside and outside of the bicep, not the top.
Justin Y's Disciple
Justin Y's Disciple 17 hours ago
The back of your hands should be parallel to the floor or ceiling (whichever you prefer, no judgements) while curling.
Melinda V
Melinda V 20 hours ago
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! How to Get Bigger Biceps (TALLER & WIDER!) Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it.
Jonathan Fuentes
Jonathan Fuentes 20 hours ago
Can you do protein foods bodybuilders shoul eat
Pavel Brezny
Pavel Brezny 21 hour ago
But ivolving forearm, doen't it make it more of a compound exercise, when we train more muscle groups at once...??
JJ Rambo
JJ Rambo 21 hour ago
One of my favourite USwomen channels Jeff knows his shit for sure wicked as per usual brother 👍
David Ungureanu
David Ungureanu 22 hours ago
His biceps has biceps! Crazy level!
Danny Ignatidis
Danny Ignatidis Day ago
Jeff Awsome video, changed it up as advised and ddaammm.. I was doing it wrong. Thanks..
Nick Brown
Nick Brown Day ago
Holy shit! No bs I’ve been doing this a couple weeks now before just seeing this. Made these adjustments to my Lying cable curls, and been doing that single dB one. Kinda accidentally found it out haha. Good stuff as always Jeff!
Bama Brutes
Bama Brutes Day ago
Jeff just stop 🛑 your always gonna have these muscles just tell us what to do man your biceps are gonna explode
dark savage
dark savage Day ago
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Day ago
Jeff, please make a "How to avoid Strech marks video".
Straight up Critic
Straight up Critic Day ago
I gave my girl the master TIP
yudistira bangun
yudistira bangun Day ago
Tidak mungkin cuma begitu jon
hbr john
hbr john Day ago
Ta vraiment des gros biceps mec
Deep Sidhu
Deep Sidhu Day ago
After watching your video I get motivated and I promise to my self I'll not drink anymore whiskey and I'll start the gym hard so what I did, I collect all the empty bottles from my house and start throwing to the bin. While throwing each bottle every time I asked all is your fault, All is your fault but suddenly what I found, A full bottle of whiskey so then I tell to bottle ohh not your fault yet you go side after I drink this one again 😂😂 .. Have a nice day to all.
Aditya Chavan
Aditya Chavan Day ago
This one master tip about the Wrist bending lil low while curling is insanely good❤️. Thank you Sir Jeff🤗
NoToRiOuS :
NoToRiOuS : Day ago
A video for biceps cutting 💪
Istvan Kulcsar
Istvan Kulcsar Day ago
Jeff, is that a carrot cake in your fridge? 6:42 Is that part of building a bigger biceps :D
John Bach
John Bach Day ago
If JC says texting with your pinky’s makes your biceps bigger.... do it
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos 2 days ago
Comments: 1% thank you jeff 30% jeff cavaliere athlean x dot com 19% "something" is killing your gains 50% face pulls
Marco Müller
Marco Müller Day ago
bruh thats literally a top comment copied and pasted
Red Five
Red Five 2 days ago
Damn multivitamins! That dude has gains
Shah ITS
Shah ITS 2 days ago
This is wonderfull set i do these owsoms.
Ed Perez
Ed Perez 2 days ago
smart idiot
smart idiot 2 days ago
XXXTENTACION had the perfect body in the world! PROVE ME WRONG
smart idiot
smart idiot 22 hours ago
@Vinegar Diavolo i know.. but im not talking about heavy bulky bodies, i mean his body looks so cool, lean and not too much heavy like frogs. And You didn't fuckin prove me wrong!
Vinegar Diavolo
Vinegar Diavolo Day ago
Uhm I can name a few people with much better bodies such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeff nippard, Dwayne johnson, and Jeff cavalier I just proved you wrong
Ronak RaJa
Ronak RaJa 2 days ago
Nice rack
VenomOGvvx Giggle bush
VenomOGvvx Giggle bush 2 days ago
Why did he sound out of breath
Michael Venus
Michael Venus 2 days ago
Your techniques and science behind how to work muscles and the correct way to work them is helping me with my training a very lot. I appreciate you showing us the correct ways to work our bodies. Thank you
Tye Nawaz
Tye Nawaz 2 days ago
i been training naturally for 30 years+. when i watched your vid, its just about basic bicep workouts. my biceps are massive. i know the secret to big bi's, and you missed so much info that would have been useful to your viewers. your biceps are decent, but anybodys would be if they had a low body fat ratio like yours. i thinks you should stop making these desperate rubbish vids.
ItxZachz _
ItxZachz _ 2 days ago
So would you do the same thing on bench press?
Πετρος Βαμβακάρης
Πετρος Βαμβακάρης 2 days ago
im definitely subscribing, easy to understand.
Shawn See
Shawn See 2 days ago
Any chance you covering how to get rid of that golfer elbow. Now that I know why I've got it...
Aaron Cox
Aaron Cox 2 days ago
Pretend you are Spiderman shooting web
Christian Costa
Christian Costa 2 days ago
Thanks Jeff ! Congrats from São Luís Brasil - I an getting strong day by day by following your exercises.
Blake Shoemaker
Blake Shoemaker 2 days ago
This small change in the wrist when training biceps is a compete game changer. This dudes the real deal.
Mads Kenneth
Mads Kenneth 2 days ago
How do I buy this t-shirt 👕 you Are wearing? Maybe to sell Them and more of your merch in Europe? 💪
ssj2sensui 2 days ago
I always complain about my arms so USwomen always throw Jeff in my recommendation in the form of a bicep video Both of mine almost equal one of his
Greenman 01
Greenman 01 3 days ago
Persian King
Persian King 3 days ago
No one: Breaths* Jeff: Wrong that's killing your gains
chandrabhansharmafitness 3 days ago
GoKllyoslf x
GoKllyoslf x 3 days ago
Nice fake biceps man
Ofmids 3 days ago
How do you apply this to hammer curls though?
Mahasin Eltahir
Mahasin Eltahir 3 days ago
This guy needs to take a break like it's not everyday gym
TJT TJT 3 days ago
Good stuff. When I was younger I got my biceps to a decent size for my build. Fell off for some years and haven't been able to really get'em back. Can't wait to try this.
jr1001jr 3 days ago
BAM!!!!! Sleeve Busters @ 2:30
iFineFilmz Pabla
iFineFilmz Pabla 3 days ago
Love your videos, Sir! Could you also, please show the stance your standing in, while performing upper body workout? The reason I'm asking, I've seen many folks in the gym working on shoulders, etc and their stance is wrong. Which can cause them to have back pains in the future. So therefore, I feel stance is imperative while performing almost any exercise!
SibirischBaer69 3 days ago
Thanks Jeff! Your channel is the best!
VidyVid 3 days ago
Calisthenics fans won't like those chin ups.
Honest E
Honest E 3 days ago
Always informative. Last tip I followed of his really helped me. Take whatever you're doing and hold it for a while at the peak. Works great! My arms got fuller. Just gotta stay at it.
Neo Rider91
Neo Rider91 3 days ago
An arm like this? Steroids. Easy
Mackel Saadeh
Mackel Saadeh 3 days ago
Training is killing your grains (the myth and the Gryth)
Christian Grey
Christian Grey 4 days ago
I'm already doing that exercises. Great pumps
Christian Grey
Christian Grey 4 days ago
Jeff the guy that does a face pull instead of a face palm.
Guitar Freak
Guitar Freak 4 days ago
Check out my instagram fitness account! I posted my transformation picture and workouts! @vjanolo_fit
Guitar Freak
Guitar Freak 4 days ago
Check out my instagram fitness account! I posted my transformation picture and workouts!
Rell 409
Rell 409 4 days ago
is it possible to implement these tips to resistance bands?
BlackHat Fit
BlackHat Fit 3 days ago
Rell, it is possible. You are not necessarily going to build serious size with bands but you can burn the helll out of a muscle group with them. If you have any other questions let me know brother
Lee Lemons
Lee Lemons 4 days ago
I needed this video 3 days ago.
vook 4 days ago
there are million different routines that work for different people differently key: different 😂
jon cornell
jon cornell 4 days ago
Tbh i didn't know that and i 've been working out for almost a couple of years now thanks for the tip fam
BlackHat Fit
BlackHat Fit 3 days ago
Jon, and after a couple of years are you seeing the results you want??
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