Hairdresser Reacts to Ramen Noodle Perm

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Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

9 days ago

Hi Beautiful! Perms are dangerous if they're not done right. You can actually permanently perm frizz into your hair. NO THANK YOU. If you're going to get a permanent wave treatment go to someone who is highly skilled at that treatment.

Hairdresser Reacts to Ramen Noodle Permhairdresser reactsbrad mondohairdresser reacts to perms

Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 9 days ago
Would you ever get a perm?
Jennifer Dunlop
Jennifer Dunlop 7 days ago
Already have curly hair. I dont even understand why ppl with beautiful STRAIGHT hair curl theirs...its a nightmare to live with..a...night...mare!
Tiffany 9 days ago
Oof no
Ray Sunshine
Ray Sunshine 9 days ago
DDcorn Maynez
DDcorn Maynez 9 days ago
@ Brad Mondo no i wouldn't cause i have naturally really curly hair not kinky and i honestly don't think i could handle getting straight hair for a long time because i dont know if i can handle straight hair hairstyles
Shannon B
Shannon B 9 days ago
I’ve had one before, but i dont think i’ll do it again. Not at home at least, because it barely worked when i did it lmao
Becca M
Becca M 24 minutes ago
As someone with naturally curly hair, I would never advise anyone with straight hair to get a perm. Curly hair is just not the same as straight. You need to deal with it in a completely different way, you need to wash it differently, use different hair products. It took me years to get used to mine. The ‘hairdresser’ in the first video, you could tell where that was going because did anyone notice her own hair? Dry and frizzy. She needed a good treatment herself. No way was she going to create nice curls. The amount of people I see who have curls and brush their hair, I want to shake them. Who wants frizz on top of heir head instead of curls 😳
Lina La
Lina La 26 minutes ago
LOUIS XVII 48 minutes ago
Dude. Very racist commentary.
Neska.U 2 hours ago
Hi Mr.Mondo lol I hope u gonna read this and so u could give me some tips :) I'm trying to grow my hair really long to donate it but it always get so dry from the tips even if I try new good brand products. I dont understand what I'm doing wrong ? I just would like to donate it healthy :(! Pd. I always watch ur vids and thank u for teaching me to not bleach my hair by myself at home LOL Thanksss ❤
LobotomizedTeddyBear 2 hours ago
Asian hairdressers do a lot of these because Asians generally don't like to color their hair.
Clairey Pettis
Clairey Pettis 2 hours ago
Got a perm once. Seemed like a good idea at the time...until I felt the burn...and melted hair 🤣🤣🤣
Dead_inside_ Pie
Dead_inside_ Pie 3 hours ago
Fun fact: Bob Ross didn’t like his perm but he kept it because of his products with his Afro on the products
Cody Childers
Cody Childers 3 hours ago
Umm am I the only one who sees how ridiculous this brad person looks? It’s like the worst cheap fast fashion h and m forever 21 look I’ve ever seen with the fake panty hose tattoo sleeve look I’ve ever seen. Literally the definition of the pot calling the kettle black
Beginner Builders
Beginner Builders 3 hours ago
2:35 Brad: I would never use rods Also Brad: *I uSe MetAl roDs inSteAd!*
JA DA 4 hours ago
Thats what my hair looks like perm and this video hurt me 😞
Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole 4 hours ago
LOL! This bitch in hair school ramen noodled my hair with alkaline perm and tight rods...and guess what? I shaved my fucking head!
J Meee
J Meee 4 hours ago
I got a perm in 5th grade (back in the very early 90s). It fell out before I could even wash it. I desperately wanted curls, so we went back and got another perm. My hair mostly looked fried af for a long time. Sad.
cont3ssa 4 hours ago
ngl i kinda liked the curls
S T 4 hours ago
Wtf are you drunk?
Robin Jones
Robin Jones 4 hours ago
Have curly hair you dont anger the hair. Dont ever anger the hair
Christine 4 hours ago
I get perms all the time, I love it and my hair looks great
Dollar Diva
Dollar Diva 4 hours ago
You’re adorable 🤗
Cai Kai
Cai Kai 4 hours ago
Jimin in dna :)
#SMJS 5 hours ago
0:02 Brad modo : ooooooh you look stunning Me: sitting on bed hair very messy In pj's Again me: if you say so
The hobbies Gaming
The hobbies Gaming 5 hours ago
The girls hair looks like romen
Shay Slayer
Shay Slayer 5 hours ago
My mom does perms every day. She makes it look so easy that her clients think they can do it themselves all the time. They’ll leave the salon with a gorgeous perm and come back months later with a homemade poodle mess and ask her to fix it.
Jennifer Wyatt
Jennifer Wyatt 5 hours ago
Literally 13 year old me goin in for a loose perm and coming out looking like a poodle. I also wore glasses. 🤦
Solecereal Gaming
Solecereal Gaming 5 hours ago
Bitch looks like the girl from brave but blonde
Stephanie’s World
Stephanie’s World 6 hours ago
I want to get loose curls but my hair is really healthy and I don’t want to damage it 😔
Morgan F
Morgan F 6 hours ago
Story time so when I was a kid I used to get perms, bad decisions I know. This probably happened around the third time I got a perm; I can’t remember how long after the perm this happened but I went on a little trip with my grandparents and I wasn’t with my parents so they had no idea what happened, but on the trip some of my hair broke off and I had like weird bang things going on. Well when I got home my parents saw what happened and I was a kid so like I didn’t even realize it until they saw it cuz like looking in the mirror and checking myself out wasn’t like a thing at that age. Well my parents were pissed and thought I’d cut some of my hair off (honestly not really their fault cuz I wanted to be a hairstylist and one time I tried to do my sisters hair lol) Well I was grounded for like a week cuz I couldn’t tell them what happened since I didn’t know a perm could do that to your hair as a kid. So basically I got in a shit ton of trouble because my parents thought I gave myself a haircut when actually my hair literally broke off from a perm. Probably super boring story but thought y’all should know!
Jasmire Ferrell
Jasmire Ferrell 6 hours ago
Can you please please dye your hair brown
Rae Bookworm
Rae Bookworm 6 hours ago
Ooof. I am so glad I never let my ex and his mom convince me to perm my hair at home. He tried so damn hard to get me to listen, but I refused, mostly because of all the warnings on the box. The ones that stood out to me mentioned bleached hair, which I had peroxide streaks in mine at the time. They didn't believe me that my waist length hair with DIY blonde peroxide-based streaks would be in danger of breaking off if I permed it. The first girl's hair looks like how my ex-mother-in-law's hair used to whenever she went after it with black box dye and at home perming solution. And she insisted that's how it was supposed to look afterwards.
Valorie Loveheart
Valorie Loveheart 7 hours ago
Brad assuming that people don’t want really curly hair
Kagimine 7 hours ago
He seems vaguely condescending of the first hair stylist :/
ShelAye Wiz
ShelAye Wiz 7 hours ago
Am I the only who thought his long sleeve was his tattoos? 😭😂
Joslyn Nichole
Joslyn Nichole 7 hours ago
A girl in my school has hair that looks like that naturally and I want it do bad
Piper Hoffman
Piper Hoffman 7 hours ago
Brad said I would be weary instead of I’d be wary
Crusty Dusty
Crusty Dusty 7 hours ago
Why did I think this was on antm 😂
Nia Ballinger
Nia Ballinger 8 hours ago
Brad please react to girls with natural hair using perm rods because it looks incredible 😍😍😍 check out Bri Hall for starters
LittleBitofFrost 8 hours ago
I will only ever go to one person for perms. She's a perm QUEEN!
SarahBear795 8 hours ago
Weary ≠ wary.
BRŸ thèçrêatęr
BRŸ thèçrêatęr 8 hours ago
It didn’t hit me till 1:55 that those weren’t real tattoos😂😂
CellediaGaming 8 hours ago
You have the vid muted.....
holly 9 hours ago
tight curls are pretty :(
ShagaMisa 9 hours ago
Oh this is so funny. Thought the whole arms are tattoos
Natalie Twattily
Natalie Twattily 10 hours ago
I can explain not tipping the head back - tipping the head backwards for longer than 10 minutes can cause hair salon stroke syndrome (also known as parlour syndrome ). Basically the restriction of blood can cause bleeds and other damage to the brain, so it's now advised to avoid a backwash in favour of a forward wash (focusing rinse off down the sides of the face and keeping those precious blinkers tightly closed, naturally ).
Sky Christine
Sky Christine 10 hours ago
the second girl’s voice bothered me so much
i a m c o n f u s i o n
i a m c o n f u s i o n 10 hours ago
lol he had his video muted and he didnt even know it
starry night
starry night 10 hours ago
I had received a perm years ago when I was a little girl. I had silky long hair. It was beautiful, but the perm changed the texture of my hair to like a wavy dry state permanently. I had it professionally done as well, so I know.
koni ko
koni ko 11 hours ago
Isn’t the first girl naturally blonde???
andrx a
andrx a 11 hours ago
kinda want ramen now😂
karinchu 11 hours ago
I have the same straws
Rosie Hillman
Rosie Hillman 11 hours ago
What size stretcher do u have in ur ear x
laura ortolan
laura ortolan 11 hours ago
pls do a good perms video
Ellie S
Ellie S 12 hours ago
My hair always goes frizzy at the roots In the uk hair dressers can dye your hair under 16 My hair is fawn so I can’t deside if it’s brown or blonde.. help
Rhema Joy
Rhema Joy 12 hours ago
Oh that brought back nightmares of the 80's and Toni perms and giant hair picks.
BTS Persona Purpled
BTS Persona Purpled 12 hours ago
My mom made me get a perm...ONCE. I looked like a troll doll, the woman at the salon put the rods in just like this vid HERE. And when you have a lot of hair? It was SO BAD LOL! Never again for me...
Moonlit _Shadows
Moonlit _Shadows 12 hours ago
My grandma has been getting her hair permed for so long that her hair looks dead and dry it looks like shes never used conditioner in her life
Eileen Plett
Eileen Plett 13 hours ago
I WANT MY HAIR DONE BY YOU. You are an icon
Khushi Chaudhary
Khushi Chaudhary 13 hours ago
I had a perm 4 years ago. It was a horrible idea. I had to cut them off after. Oof. My hair is thankfully back to its healthy, black state.
Esmeralda Gomez
Esmeralda Gomez 13 hours ago
Dammit she forgot to add the flavor 😂 gurl that had me laugh so damn loud
Natalie Poulsen
Natalie Poulsen 13 hours ago
Did perm for my exam and boi is this video givng me PTSD....
Johnbon 14 hours ago
I got so triggered when she started brushing omfg
Taryn Carreiro
Taryn Carreiro 14 hours ago
i love watching bad perm videos make more pls
Okayyy Chweee
Okayyy Chweee 15 hours ago
Wow, I'm convinced that I should get a perm... Wait I already have curly hair nvm.
Candy Gurl
Candy Gurl 15 hours ago
Brad you're Beautiful! Sexy hot! 🔥🔥🔥💋
naika vidzz
naika vidzz 15 hours ago
Those fake tattoo arms are killing me 😂😂😭
Alyssa Bezzina
Alyssa Bezzina 15 hours ago
Brad: there is no sound *video is on mute*
weirdo thats me
weirdo thats me 15 hours ago
What's a perm
Morghan Rowat
Morghan Rowat 16 hours ago
I actually love her hair LOL I always wanted super tight curled hair like Scary Spice from the Spice Girls but blond!
Sputnik_the_kitty 17 hours ago
react to james charles bleaching hair
Sputnik_the_kitty 17 hours ago
he muted it there is noise
Jennifer Silva
Jennifer Silva 17 hours ago
So pretty much people who naturally have curly hair like the first girl (and myself) have ugly ramen noodle curls. Mostly mixed race people. Got it 👌🏼 thanks
Keely 13
Keely 13 17 hours ago
You should react to James Charles bleaching his hair
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