Gordon Ramsay Complains Water Isn't Seasoned | Hell's Kitchen

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Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

9 days ago

No olive oil. Water isn't seasoned. It's not even boiling.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Dukeljk Hour ago
My question is, why do they allow these people to have so much shit punched in there face? Lips noses, pretty disgusting.
MarcusT 2 hours ago
Wow, a reality show that has a tantrum throwing chihuahua and incompetent competitors? What suspense.....Can't believe this show has been on for years
Joshua A
Joshua A 7 hours ago
embarrassing tv programming. I hate it.
My YoutubeChannel
My YoutubeChannel 7 hours ago
This Stuff is like watching Rookies in a Bootcamp, those poor Souls :D and Gordon is the fuckin Devil himself hahaha
Diamonds Are Forever
Diamonds Are Forever 9 hours ago
Aren't there any new seasons or why are there still clips from such an old season beeing uploaded
Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATs
Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATs 9 hours ago
Did he just say the water isn’t seasoned? He is a fucking idiot
slaymyface135 10 hours ago
Me:*eating microwave burritos* Also me: what a fucking idiot who doesnt season the fucking water stoopid
Sir_Positive 10 hours ago
1:58 I'm like her, I easily forget that fast, Welp. My dreams of going to hell's kitchen has shut down.
Sir_Positive 11 hours ago
LANDONS POV 11 hours ago
He's such a little princess
mike 14 hours ago
this is stressing me out just watching lmao
Obey Bizoh
Obey Bizoh 16 hours ago
“Seeeeeeeth... you can go fuck yourself” idk why that was so funny to me
Christian Gordon
Christian Gordon 16 hours ago
Seems like these ppl crack under pressure fast and arent very organized. Send em to a busy mcdonalds kitchen for a few months, that oughta get them adjusted.
Yagurl Maliya
Yagurl Maliya 17 hours ago
5:03 “I’m joking, you stupid cow” HOW DID SHE KEEP HER COOL?! If that was me I would’ve cried on the spot😭
sehyun 4 hours ago
Rocky jet Daguyen
Rocky jet Daguyen 18 hours ago
**Gordon Ramsay inhales** **Breathing intensifies** *Why isn't the air seasoned you imbeciles!*
HTS Gaming
HTS Gaming 19 hours ago
ᘜOᖇᗪOᑎ: *TᗩᔕTᗴᔕ ᔕᗩᒪT* ᘜOᖇᗪOᑎ: ᑎOT ᗴᑎOᕼᘜᕼ ᔕᗩᒪT
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 21 hour ago
SoMeBoDy ToUcH My SpAgHetti
Ryan J
Ryan J 21 hour ago
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! Gordon Ramsay Complains Water Isn't Seasoned | Hell's Kitchen They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other. You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me." She smiled up at him. Filthy as he was, covered in blood and dirt, he was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. "But I don't want anything else in the world.
Kaiser Frost
Kaiser Frost Day ago
What is this stupid crap? He's not a drill sergeant LOL! Why don't they talk normal instead of this "yes chef" garbage? And are you going to drink the water the pasta cooked in, or are you going to pour it down the drain? Exactly. Boil the pasta in plain water like a normal person. Stop wasting salt.
That Person
That Person Day ago
6:20 "Get your fucking fingers in there." *Hmm...*
Christian Woodhouse
Christian Woodhouse Day ago
I love how she called Ramsay arrogant . If there's one thing he isn't it's arrogant he definitely has the skills to back up what he talks
violet rose
violet rose Day ago
ramsay: what’s going? colleen: “four caesar salads. three shrimp, one plain” ramsay: “ONE MORE” colleen: “four caesar salads. three shrimp, one plain” ramsay: “ONE MORE” colleen: “four caesar salads. three shrimp, one plain” ramsay: “LAST TIME” colleen: “four caesar salad chef! three *fuck fuck fuckkkk*... *what the fuck was it?*” colleen: “*i have no idea what’s next. he’s been making me yell*” me: *oooh fuccck off you cheeky donkey!!*
Abigail White
Abigail White Day ago
He called her a fat cow
MiraManiac Day ago
4 cesar salad chef 3 shrimp 1 plain. 4 cesar salad chef 3 shrimp 1 plain! 4 cesar salad chef 3 shrimp 1 plain! 4 cesar salad che- AUIDUPIUWIUTEBIUAHDn
3spotkushGen129 9 hours ago
Most underrated comment
Anna R
Anna R Day ago
I hated Colleen is this season.
Tony Aviles
Tony Aviles Day ago
As funny as this shit is. The restaurant business is super hard. I feel for these people. I sure as hell couldn't work in that kitchen. I'd probably snap and start slicing and dicing every one
Rowan B.
Rowan B. Day ago
I love Gordon but this 5:00 was so not cool
mike jones
mike jones Day ago
Imagine how he talks to wife when she be do something wrong 😂
Ashoikie Saunders
Ashoikie Saunders 13 hours ago
If you watch his interviews with his family you would have known that business and personal life is two different things.
red_phayes Day ago
The water is rAw
Jotin S
Jotin S Day ago
And you dont need salt to cook pasta unless your a sheep following Fool. you posh gits
Jotin S
Jotin S Day ago
ramsey is a fucking Gimp, waste of a good underpants
Aaron T
Aaron T Day ago
Gordon: "What's wrong with this water? Taste it." Giovanni: "I don't know Chef. I think it tastes fi--" Gordon: "IT'S RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Just some Azian
Just some Azian Day ago
Man you could say gordon is getting SALTY xDDDD
The Bastion
The Bastion Day ago
5:07 that hurt
thatfalloutkid Day ago
Bet you he yells at god for not seasoning the oxygen.
4:58 total savage
Jason Ganja
Jason Ganja Day ago
Gordon really needs to disrespect someone that wouldn't mind knocking the piss poor attitude out of him, WOULD PAY TO SEE THIS. LONG OVERDUE.
Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson Day ago
Jason Ganja it’s called HELLS kitchen for a reason. You sound like someone who’s never taken discipline in your life. It’s almost the same way a DI would talk to a Recruit but DI’s are way worse. Let me guess you’re middle school liberal snowflake? If not you need to man up.
Tristan GamEs
Tristan GamEs 2 days ago
“Ramsay here’s your water” Ramsay- So bland, It’s just tasteless and dry, Not even drinkable..
Dark Ness
Dark Ness 2 days ago
Gordan: "I'm joking." *proceeds to call woman "a stupid cow"*
XMetalMatter Rammstein
XMetalMatter Rammstein 2 days ago
I would flip out and have a telling match with him
Pabs z
Pabs z 2 days ago
I would never actually want to eat at Hell's Kitchen during the show because I'd rather not eat when the food is more prone to being undercooked or raw lol
Amy Ahmed
Amy Ahmed 2 days ago
okay but this clip...Gordon was being genuinely mean. it made me sad to watch. In tense situations, yelling and screaming doesn't help. Even the best will crack if you're being super mean to them and they're nervous and stressed. Ramsey was different here, in a bad way, and I don't like tit.
Arctic Wolf Official
Arctic Wolf Official 2 days ago
3:39 Tf is with the jump scare???
Max Hunter
Max Hunter 2 days ago
Arctic Wolf Official
Arctic Wolf Official 2 days ago
1:56 LMFAO
chipzboi 2 days ago
you know they could get their shit done if Gordon didn’t keep fucking disgracing them like come on
Pwnagraphic 2 days ago
I enjoy these shows, but I also hate how pretentious people can be over food.
George wilbanks
George wilbanks 2 days ago
when I he had a voice crack I almost had a brain spasm|| 1:45
Leah Myers
Leah Myers 2 days ago
George wilbanks oH no no no
Leah Myers
Leah Myers 2 days ago
George wilbanks 😂😂😂
Brandon Bahner
Brandon Bahner 2 days ago
I don't get why Ramsay gets mad when plates are brought back because of a mistake. He is the one that let the plates go out anyways, he should be the one catching the mistakes on the pass before he sends out the plates.
Cryptid Four
Cryptid Four 2 days ago
Ah a dark humor chief nothing better
LikeMike294 2 days ago
Alonzo Kidd
Alonzo Kidd 2 days ago
That crazy son of a bitch, he actually did it.
Yashpashar 2 days ago
The water is *RAW*
marie.a 2 days ago
“You’re fucking pathetic” “yes chef” 🤣
Kazuma Yagami
Kazuma Yagami 2 days ago
"She's not normal. She cannot be normal." Lol
lord ned stark
lord ned stark 2 days ago
Lool they put a dog barking sound effect @1:18
10dimesanickel 2 days ago
when you cook water the pasta should taste like the ocean
wood wooden
wood wooden 21 hour ago
you swapped it
adolf hitler
adolf hitler 2 days ago
Um gordon wouldnt you get heart attack?
Thabang Segwapa
Thabang Segwapa 2 days ago
Working for this man will turn you to alcohol
MeeZyG 2 days ago
This is such a sad show. Lmao. Those poor cooks.
Sailor Ship
Sailor Ship 6 hours ago
MeeZyG it’s not a sad show
Janice Gerding
Janice Gerding 2 days ago
Gordon is the most toxic person ever wth. Only bc he can cook well and has money people take in disrespect
lemon diesel
lemon diesel 2 days ago
watch his other videos he's actually polite this is just for television..
Eris Brigedon
Eris Brigedon 2 days ago
Every chef, every season: "The area I'm assigned to is difficult, and everyone else is stupid." LOL!!
OzzyCoop 2 days ago
Uhh all of the disgusting face piercings.
TrEnT TiBbIts
TrEnT TiBbIts 2 days ago
Nah.. The worst thing on the show is the customers. They are beyond entitled.
Random User
Random User Day ago
Moron, when you are paying for something you are by definition entitled to it. That is how trade works. And unlike your filthy backwater country our laws in the US at least require a proper understanding of the value of a product to trade or you are rightfully sued. Regardless of how the government works in practice these days from the corrupt people in it. Real prices on items and their materials actually have a measurable reality to them unlike what your idiot financial teacher will teach you. You have to study something like engineering or something deep in very practiced material areas(not sciences) to learn that today. And trust me. Being a tv chef gordon and company will do everything to hide is real level of cooking abilities. Which will be well below anything you could imagine. That is how they pic people to be fronts for large scale money machines. People with knowledge have standards and ethics. Those people don't get in those positions because it gets in the way of making money! And BTW, that never happens otherwise. The more money/adds at play the lesser the skills. People with real skills have massive versatility and don't need to do things in that manner as they can make money on the fly doing anything they want. They are mostly in places in the middle of nowhere in single business. Or on a farm and you've never heard of them. You have to understand how material knowledge develops over history and real world terms to figure that one out. Which you will never even begin to get an understanding of. Hint: if a TV personality looks like they are on drugs, or hangs out with such people. They have spend much time on drugs. That does not mix with developing abilities and is a demonstration of character and an accurate measures of skills. As everything matters in real world scales.
Jose reyes
Jose reyes 2 days ago
“If I had listened better he wouldn’t have screamed at me.” Coi sounds like she’s in an abusive relationship and doesn’t want to leave 😂
Adepti Titus
Adepti Titus Day ago
That’s everyone in Hell’s Kitchen
YourAverageNerd 2 days ago
The man who runs this channel must be a fun person
worth 2 days ago
do you guys ever feel that gordon might just be a little bit manipulative
Cameron ‘
Cameron ‘ 2 days ago
Gina’s water would’ve been seasoned.
Zaafar Jat
Zaafar Jat 2 days ago
I’m stressed
Augtivism 2 days ago
That "AND LAST TIME" has to be my favorite Hell's Kitchen moment
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