Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the U.S. Navy! (Bomb Squad Called)

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10 days ago

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Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the US Navy! (Navy Bomb Squad)

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DALLMYD 10 days ago
I feel incredibly lucky and honored to have the oppurtunity to make a sponsored video with the US Navy. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who made this happen. I went from filming scuba diving videos with my phone and a camera I found to having an oppurtuntiy to team up with the US Navy! I'm not sure how all this happened, but today was a fun day! Help me do more things like this by clicking the thumbs up button and sharing this video! I can't wait for more adventures like this! Huge thanks to everyone who has served.
Angelina Robles
Angelina Robles 5 hours ago
My dad actually worked on the USS Midway when it was in action, I have been on the Midway before it so cool, did you go inside
Melvin Evans
Melvin Evans Day ago
Dude that was awesome and very cool right on
Sue Salmon
Sue Salmon Day ago
@Silver Wonders yeah
the mad hacker Shapiro
the mad hacker Shapiro 2 days ago
I'm from San Diego ca
Danori 2 days ago
Who is from Russia?
Matt A
Matt A Hour ago
God damn click bate
Landon’s Vlog life
Landon’s Vlog life 3 hours ago
I’ve been to the uss midway.
The Roque fam
The Roque fam 3 hours ago
I've been in uss Midway
GD Jumper
GD Jumper 4 hours ago
If u Find trash In the ocean and put it in the trash where dose it go? Lol
Elijah Playz
Elijah Playz 4 hours ago
To a landfill... r/ wooosh
GD Jumper
GD Jumper 4 hours ago
Not gunna lie this video I’d dope
ANY things
ANY things 5 hours ago
I never knew the navy sponsored people but it makes sense to the water king
Brian Gilbert
Brian Gilbert 7 hours ago
I feel proud to call my self an ex sailor!!! Salute to all of our Military!!!
Nikki G
Nikki G 11 hours ago
Is this the uss boxer?
cem 12 hours ago
Danielle Miiliano
Danielle Miiliano 12 hours ago
in January of 2019 me and my family took a flight to see my sister and we were tourists on that ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
caelan sprouse
caelan sprouse 12 hours ago
I just saw you in a commercial fam holy crap!!!!
KEVIN KIBLER 12 hours ago
Yo DALLMYD check this out, Not sure if you were aware of this mention of you or not. Enjoy. Thanks for your work buddy.
XxcrazyturdxX 13 hours ago
Next video()flying in space alien found (called Area 51)
Fart Army
Fart Army 14 hours ago
Hey I know this comment will definitely get lost in the comments and won’t be heard but you should see how many plastic bags, single use plastic bottles and general single use items you can find!
Benedict Kennedy
Benedict Kennedy 14 hours ago
Just had the worst day and to top it all off i went to my favorite lobster trap for some reason it was inexplicably empty... 15 years and this is the first day it has been empty......
Dumb Stuff
Dumb Stuff 16 hours ago
There were no bombs...
DIVENOW KOREA 17 hours ago
Scuba diving in military area! Awesome! Come visit South Korea one time. It will make you whole other experiences!!! Nice video anyways. Keep it going.
Elijah Playz
Elijah Playz 4 hours ago
For a split second I thought that said North Korea I said heck no, but South Korea good I think
Joab Petersen
Joab Petersen 19 hours ago
Hi from Denmark u are an lucky " bastard " oppurtunity once in lifetime
Kyle P
Kyle P 21 hour ago
That was really cool, honestly. came up as a recommendation. cool work bro!
mark jago
mark jago 21 hour ago
what a great opportunity - fantastic
justin weisler
justin weisler 23 hours ago
I don't want to thumbs up or like this video, I want to love it! Great job Jake!
Seth Bowman
Seth Bowman Day ago
We’re gonna clean the environment! *throws box and scooter in trash for it to be in a landfill and then to the ocean again
Zeny Cunan
Zeny Cunan Day ago
I really excited for dallmyd to reach 10m subs
Sam Robinett
Sam Robinett Day ago
We’re just ignoring the fact that dude picked up and moved the whole boat
Woahchanyeol Day ago
The smile on his face when he was setting the lobsters free. That was absolute so adorable and honestly just you know he’s a great guy.
Caitlin Hardie
Caitlin Hardie Day ago
this is like so cool but gives me anxiety but congratssss
Rainy Daze
Rainy Daze Day ago
Very Cool 👍 Thanks Guy's !
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer Day ago
Jake *Finds a Bird Scooter* Also Jake: *Returned back to owners*
Joni_Jordan Day ago
my sister lives out there, she's in the Marines though
Molon Labe 1170
Molon Labe 1170 Day ago
I went this year ago gosh darn it
Ollie Draws
Ollie Draws Day ago
I’ve seen at least 3 yt’rs been sponsored by the us navy. What’s happening?!?!
Kevin Law
Kevin Law Day ago
"Bomb squad called". Yea sure bud
Kenzie Bear
Kenzie Bear Day ago
You should go to vortex springs in Florida For one of your videos
0besePlatypus Day ago
Cool shill video
Sue Salmon
Sue Salmon Day ago
Who thinks that Jake, Tristan and Brandon go magnet fishing
wellwater 6 hours ago
I don't think they do
Abraham Blanco
Abraham Blanco Day ago
While youtubers are being sponsored by warships games he is being sponsored by real warships
Cody Tutt
Cody Tutt Day ago
San Diego midway is cool i live out there
I want to be in the navy
Dr. Jaquavis
Dr. Jaquavis Day ago
Why is this in 'Pets - Topic'
You should go to seattle and explore Lake Washington!
ツM¡lEs Day ago
Next video : found Howard the alien in a military base
Grayfox Day ago
It could potentially be better to use „and“ instead of „but“ when you mean to say „and“... potentially
Animal Lover
Animal Lover Day ago
Can you scuba dive in Nashville shores By the obstacle course in the lake I lost my Apple Watch there and I just wanted to see if u guys could find it and see if it still works..please
Sam Parr
Sam Parr Day ago
I went to the U.S.S. Midway :)
DIY Debbie
DIY Debbie Day ago
That’s so cool!
Henric Kull
Henric Kull Day ago
becoming a navy diver, thats how they get ya
Vienna Grace
Vienna Grace Day ago
honestly i don’t care what anyone says about this youtube channel. This is the best,i discovered this channel a while back and only watched a couple of his videos. I thought they were so cool, 1 week ago there was a video in my recommendation so i clicked on it and i was so happy to watch it. The time and effort he puts into to these. The amount of joy and happiness he gets from this is awesome. I love you channel. Please keep doin what you love and also can you post a video on all your shells you find !!!! ❤️
the pizza Player
the pizza Player 2 days ago
This is the second video on USwomen I have seen sponsored by the
Despicable sean
Despicable sean 2 days ago
Ain't the navy for their own type of people to do that so why call this guy
Milo 071
Milo 071 2 days ago
I came here for ur trip
Jimmy Nix
Jimmy Nix 2 days ago
I’ve been on the midway
Giggly Bubble
Giggly Bubble 2 days ago
Diving starts at 4:45
Waylon Myers
Waylon Myers 2 days ago
Make a video watching fan videos about you 😁 I have one on Waylon clogs
Waylon Myers
Waylon Myers 2 days ago
Vlogs sorry😂
SlickBackRick 2 days ago
I know you focus on underwater metal detecting and stuff like that but have you ever thought about on land metal detecting, just a thought.
robert martinez
robert martinez 2 days ago
Good video but didn’t need to title it with click bate
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 2 days ago
How much would it be for you to dive for me at hot springs?
.::ZeDe::. 2 days ago
Come and dive into the European rivers, u may found WWII weapons and older things, that u cant find in NA.
youtube amazement
youtube amazement 2 days ago
you know if the video is sponsored by the U.S. navy then its a GOOD video.
Christopher Dunshie
Christopher Dunshie 2 days ago
Where do I find a zipper style dove mesh bag like what you use to collect treasures.
ilikebutter44 2 days ago
you can't say that you called the bomb squad if you're making a video _with_ a bomb squad...
Nathan Robak
Nathan Robak 2 days ago
Hopefully he sees this. I’m from San Diego too. Near the star of India there is 3 bikes in the water they all got knocked in by same really mad guy.
allen bisset
allen bisset 2 days ago
that was awsome i enjoyed watching glad you found all bombs and saved everyone lol good job thans for all service does for us
Leaf FLIGHT 2 days ago
He said the boat was bigger than he thought, well it’s kinda a aircraft carrier and it’s one of the smallest ones to
Dustin Klein
Dustin Klein 2 days ago
(Bomb squad called) as if they werent allread there
tonya rainsdon
tonya rainsdon 2 days ago
Awesome vid Jake!!! What long hard and full of seamen? Ha ha ha
Queen Star
Queen Star 3 days ago
Jake:is sponsored by the U.S Navy Me: weird flex but okey (thx for people who are part of any military branch for fighting for this country ❤️❤️ and not only that for keeping us safe)
Everything Is the Same
Everything Is the Same 3 days ago
You should be in the navy😂
RaVE DoesRec
RaVE DoesRec 3 days ago
Why is the navys trainings so hard, Than the Military?
sam deckelman
sam deckelman 3 days ago
this video was recommended under pets topic.. youtube are you ok?
Eleanor Abdo
Eleanor Abdo Day ago
its because of the lobsters lol
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