12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them

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9 days ago

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Mark - instagram.com/mark_hana_
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Jubilee 9 days ago
Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music? In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more. For our Post It Wall, please send in your illustrations( get creative!) to 9029 Airport #91598 Los Angeles, CA 90009!
Sarah Blatchley
Sarah Blatchley 4 hours ago
Do you have any handles for these musicians? Andrews piano playing was... Wow!
Steve Le
Steve Le Day ago
Well none of them are any good, so? And what does she bring to the table? Seems one sided to me.
brendaludovas 2 days ago
LGBT Episode please!
George Costarica
George Costarica 2 days ago
@Jesse Collins I concur.
George Costarica
George Costarica 2 days ago
@Jesse Collins here here
Kaitlyn Toda
Kaitlyn Toda 4 minutes ago
i feel bad for laughing at the guy that had auto tune but he wasn’t even in a studio
Don Wilson
Don Wilson 9 minutes ago
Why does everyone like Mikey he sounds like every other hipster guitarist
darbby jonez
darbby jonez 10 minutes ago
Watch my USwomen video to see Mikey & Max!!
aimee taranni
aimee taranni 21 minute ago
the dude who played ravel really went above and beyond
Sofia Moreno
Sofia Moreno 34 minutes ago
What is the music from Max? 🥺
NiggaTigga94 54 minutes ago
I'd pay $1000 to see all those musicians make one song together... DAV is the lead vocalist
Patricia Lorenzo
Patricia Lorenzo 59 minutes ago
Her laugh tho HAHA
Carlos Corona
Carlos Corona Hour ago
Her laugh is so annoying asf
Tahirah Musa
Tahirah Musa Hour ago
If me. I would choose Roman.
Adior May
Adior May Hour ago
Did anyone hear Alec say "No offense but ugly" like i really felt bad for her
Mwansa 2 hours ago
Roman is 100 percent me. I sing L.O.V.E all the time and people get so irritated
Irritating Voice
Irritating Voice 2 hours ago
''you know that triangle thing" yea its a triangle
then theres me, id probobly play thrash metal and not even get mead when she regect me immediately
Three Songs with George Gavin
Three Songs with George Gavin 2 hours ago
2:48 that guy’s good
Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou 2 hours ago
No genre diversity. All of them either played piano or sang ballads except for dav.
nofacex 2 hours ago
I ain’t gay, but my boy Mikey tho
Ѧ ѧ
Ѧ ѧ 2 hours ago
Anyone know what Aba was playing?
TheAaronRodgersTao 3 hours ago
You literally had no Sax. What a farce
Ritzy Hernandez
Ritzy Hernandez 3 hours ago
her: i wanna eliminate mark me: WHY!!!
Miyabi Saito
Miyabi Saito 3 hours ago
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 3 hours ago
Mikey when he see 0:40: How do you learn to play an instrument in 3 minute
IDC 3 hours ago
I should’ve gone there and bust out some dragonforce on them
Nathan Reta
Nathan Reta 3 hours ago
What that drummer guy said hit me hard frl “I came thinking that I could make someone amazed” ~ “It was wrong of me to thing that how could I make someone feel amazed?” ~” I’m sorry” BRUHU
Caleb Miller
Caleb Miller 3 hours ago
she chose the wrong guy, justice for mikey.
Carla Andrea
Carla Andrea 4 hours ago
bruh max was great
Zack Denburg
Zack Denburg 4 hours ago
What song did mark play first
Ellis Adams
Ellis Adams 4 hours ago
Brendon looks like Chris Pratt
Lil Shoe 69
Lil Shoe 69 4 hours ago
Jokes on you. I can play guitar and triangle
Scarlett Higgins
Scarlett Higgins 4 hours ago
I love her laugh
Azax 5 hours ago
imagine if the genders were reversed and girls had to impress a guy. hahahahah
zollie f
zollie f 5 hours ago
Dav is my baby
Azax 5 hours ago
wtf Max was the best one why did he get eliminated round 1
Lesly Cinco
Lesly Cinco 5 hours ago
Mikey ❤
skinny macchiato
skinny macchiato 5 hours ago
why did the first guy sound like 100 gecs
carlos garcia
carlos garcia 5 hours ago
Somebody knows the name of the songs?
Mikayla Waldorf
Mikayla Waldorf 5 hours ago
Someone show me mikey’s Spotify????
Clare Sykes
Clare Sykes 5 hours ago
i HOPE she picked the one who played zeppelin
Sam Goodman
Sam Goodman 5 hours ago
Max was killing it wtf
Samia 5 hours ago
Mikey omg
jinmin is real
jinmin is real 5 hours ago
3:16 The way he mouthed the words was so cute. He's my favorite.
Sèdo Tossou
Sèdo Tossou Hour ago
voltz 19
voltz 19 6 hours ago
No offense you’re ugly 2 seconds later Can I get ur number
Y Tho
Y Tho 6 hours ago
Max’s music was the best though and he got eliminated in the first round what???
Alena Mahadevan
Alena Mahadevan 6 hours ago
they were literally all so adorable.......
The China . That's ok I'll blow up in 3 years 😂
Audrey Jensen
Audrey Jensen 6 hours ago
lets be honest Mikey was the best
Tatum Atkins
Tatum Atkins 6 hours ago
Fell in love at 2:55
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 6 hours ago
She straight up called him ugly🙄
julia pergjoni
julia pergjoni 6 hours ago
brandon lowkey looks like chris pratt
Starkid Trash
Starkid Trash 6 hours ago
mark should have won
BellaBee Videos
BellaBee Videos 6 hours ago
Nooo Max😭😭
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 6 hours ago
Yall i need the @
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 6 hours ago
Hi I’ll take Roman please
NiggaTigga94 7 hours ago
DAV (The rapper with autotune vocal chords) has a USwomen Channel: DIGITAL DAV Let's make his dream come true and help him blow up in 3 years fam ;)
Samson Boldizar
Samson Boldizar 7 hours ago
I would honestly buy Mickey's music
SDMF 7 hours ago
A rapper is considered as a musician?
Jervis Tetch Yousician
Jervis Tetch Yousician 7 hours ago
For me it would just took 10 seconds to get laid with her.
SDMF 7 hours ago
0:40 *Stevie T and Dragonforce wants to know your location*
Kennedy Eberle
Kennedy Eberle 7 hours ago
Haley The Human
Haley The Human 7 hours ago
But Sedo!
Sèdo Tossou
Sèdo Tossou 9 minutes ago
@Haley The Human oh you're so sweet ❤️ thank you!
Haley The Human
Haley The Human 17 minutes ago
Sèdo Tossou hm well her loss, you are very talented.
Sèdo Tossou
Sèdo Tossou 24 minutes ago
@Haley The Human haha she said she wouldn't date someone who's doing a career only in music (I'm not but she thought I was)
Haley The Human
Haley The Human 25 minutes ago
Sèdo Tossou oh hey! How did she not pick you with that song choice/piano combo?!
Sèdo Tossou
Sèdo Tossou Hour ago
Here I am
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous 8 hours ago
the out the tune in the first guy is like... wow why? why autotune the video?
Watershake99 8 hours ago
4:32 Oh no, please don't say that. That's so sad. You definitely blew my mind with your drums David. Don't feel bad.
Eduardo Fonseca
Eduardo Fonseca 8 hours ago
Jubilee, can you PLEASE release the full auditions for each of them. I WANT MAXS FULL AUDITIONS 🙂
dum dum
dum dum 8 hours ago
not even into guys but.. cant believe she eliminated max
Nidia Gomez
Nidia Gomez 8 hours ago
What?!?! I felt like she had a really good connection with mark 😭
Jasmine Sanni
Jasmine Sanni 8 hours ago
Can someone please list all of Alecs songs please 💜 I know Sur de Barque L’Ocean
Elsever Aguenza
Elsever Aguenza 8 hours ago
"No offense but your ugly" 🤣🤣🤣
Fer Rey
Fer Rey 8 hours ago
Karl Kelly
Karl Kelly 8 hours ago
Ewww her personality is gay
Pierre Gerard Alvarez
Pierre Gerard Alvarez 8 hours ago
I’m surprised she didn’t pick Mikey tbh but you never know I guess 🤷‍♂️
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